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Racing Silver (DVD)

94 minutes    front cover

Ever since that day in 1884, German engineering has come to the forefront of motorsport time and again, especially under the distinctive mantle of Racing Silver. Now you can join motoring authority Neville Hay for a fascinating journey through the archives of Mercedes, Benz and Auto Union from 1900 to the late Sixties, plus a look at Porsche and BMW, as he sheds light on the innovative design, construction and magnificent drivers which brought these manufacturers extraordinary success in Grand Prix and sports car racing during those exciting years.

Watch in awe and admiration as these spectacular silver machines wing their way to victory with legendary reliability.

This incredible DVD features racing legends Moss, Fangio, Caracciola, Lang and Nuvolari at the wheel.

The History of the Silver Arrows (DVD)

25 minutes    front cover
Hitler was determined to dominate the world with his machines. He funded the racing efforts of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union (Audi) and encouraged them to create the most powerful and futuristic autos ever produced. These aerodynamic Grand Prix racers were designed to rule the racing world.