Miscellaneous motor racing DVD titles                         


The History of the Silver Arrows (DVD)

25 minutes      front cover
Hitler was determined to dominate the world with his machines. He funded the racing efforts of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union (Audi) and encouraged them to create the most powerful and futuristic autos ever produced. These aerodynamic Grand Prix racers were designed to rule the racing world.

Vintage speed (DVD)

45 minutes
The sights, sounds and atmosphere of Brooklands are back, and we've captured them for you!
Not since the eve of World War II had so many wonderful Brooklands cars been seen together doing what they do best - being driven flat out. This fabulous feast of automotive excellence records these magnificent cars racing once more, this time around Millbrook's high-speed test track.
Millbrook's two-mile banked track provided the perfect venue for this spectacular historic recreation. The sights and sounds of these outrageous cars was a revelation, and the enthusiasm shown by the drivers creates the most exciting of experiences - only the evocative smell of Castrol R is missing!
Several of the drivers, including HRH Prince Michael of Kent, talk about their cars, explaining the histories and achievements, as well as discussing the nuts and bolts of what set these cars apart. Superb camerawork includes footage from onboard the cars, in the paddock and from all around the track. The sounds are just as magnificent as the sights - listen out for 'Babs', the 27 litre, V12 Liberty-engined monster in which Parry Thomas broke the land speed record in 1926, as well as Bentleys, Bugattis, aircraft-engined monsters, MGs, rileys, motorcycles and many more mighty machines from Brooklands' glory years.
Only previously available on VHS, this late 1990s festival of speed can now be enjoyed on DVD.