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The Best of British -Lotus (DVD)

106 minutes     front cover
Thanks largely to its founder Colin Chapman, the name Lotus is synonymous with innovation. From humble beginnings in North London, Chapman and his cars went on to international acclaim via a succession of stunning road going vehicles and genius on the racing circuits of the world.
In this superb programme wonderful footage of the Seven, the Elite and the Elan; the Europa, Eclat and Exige deliver a heady mix of style and performance whilst the saloon 'specials' - Cortina, Sunbeam and Carlton evoke memories of motoring thrills both on and off the track.
Thanks to unprecedented access to the Lotus factory and its test track, you can also enjoy an exclusive look at the building of the new Lotus Elise II and testing with the awesome Esprit V8 and the new Elise 111S. On-board and track cams record the action. The GP era is not forgotten with Classic Team Lotus giving you a unique glimpse behind the scenes.
This is the story behind the famous green and yellow ACBC badge. High quality archive and modern footage blend with an authoritative commentary to take you through the first fifty years of automotive adventure and innovation. It's a worthy salute to Lotus, truly the Best of British!
The DVD extras include interviews with Steve Swift and Ansar Ali who shed further light on the tale of this fascinating marque.

Lotus in the 60s (DVD)

54 minutes      front cover
This breathtaking collection of extraordinary archive film is a unique insight into a golden era of motorsport, on both sides of the Atlantic. Lotus in the Sixties, from the Ford Archive Gems series, includes a rare glimpse of footage from the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix, incredible trackside film from the legendary Indianapolis 500 and the rookie appearance of superstar of speed Mario Andretti.
Rare footage takes you closer than ever to the ‘American revolution’ – the arrival of the iconic Ford-powered, rear-engined Lotus which changed the face of US racing, and allowed Jim Clark to challenge established US stars including Parnelli Jones and Bobby Unser to take victory in 1965, just two years after the car’s debut appearance.
First Time Out marks the birth of a legend as stunning archive footage captures the beautiful sights and sounds of the Formula One debut of the iconic Lotus 49, and its record-breaking Ford DFV engine, at Zandvoort in 1967. This spectacular sequence shows Clark and Graham Hill using the car’s extraordinary performance to challenge other greats of the day.
Last, but definitely not least, exclusive footage from the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix, Hill’s fifth and final victory at the principality.

Lotus Goes Turbo

lotus goes turbo
38 minutes    front cover
This incredible archive film that charts the move to turbo power by the famous JPS Lotus Formula One team. Starting from the announcement in 1982, exceptional behind-the-scenes footage takes you through the full development of the chassis which would carry Renault's hugely powerful turbo engine in the 1983 season. With unprecedented access to the Lotus headquarters in Norfolk, you follow the process from design and model building to racetrack as Elio de Angelis and Nigel Mansell give the new car its first test. The period also saw the tragic loss of the legendary Colin Chapman, and the film shows how his team overcame his death and continued developing the car which would create a new era in Lotus history. The DVD also includes, Anatomie d'Un Depart, an extraordinary short film showing the build up to a Grand Prix start, including rare footage of drivers like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost preparing to race. "Filled with historical footage" Auto Express

Lotus -Racing through time (from North London garage to Formula 1)

55 minutes   front cover
The story of Lotus is the story of one man: Colin Chapman. Chapman`s influence on the world of motor racing was immense, and his legacy as a uniquely talented engineer, designer, entrepreneur, and enthusiast still lives on today.

Colin Chapman had the determination to steer Lotus from a North London back yard to Formula One World Championship success. In this DVD, we hear from those who knew Colin Chapman best. His wife Hazel, team drivers Cliff Allison and Innes Ireland and engineer Kerth Duckworth, who all give their insights into and account of what made behind the Lotis tick. From Chapman`s early education and initial dabbling with a car engineering all the way to the `Team Lotus` entry into Formula One, this is the fascinating story of how Lotus made its first steps towards Grand Prix success and numberous World Championships. A must - have for all the fans of British motor racing.

The Lotus story Part 1 1948-1959 (DVD)

52 minutes      front cover
The extraordinary story of Lotus began in 1948 and founder Colin Chapman and his cars became synonymous with GP racing. Part one of this comprehensive four-part series features interviews, archive action footage, racing greats and is a superlative record of the beginning of the racing successes of this great British company. 

The Lotus story Part 2 1959-1962 (DVD)

52 minutes    front cover
All the major races and personalities of the era are featured, including Moss and Surtees at the 1960 GP de Monaco, the 1960 Le Mans 24hr race and the 1962 Goodwood Easter meeting. Throughout the programme  you can also hear from major players of the era.

The Lotus story Part 3 1959-1962 (DVD)

52 minutes    front cover
We continue the full & fascinating story of one of Britain's best-loved motor racing teams. We feature Clark's battle against the surprising Brabham resurgence and the strengthening of the link between Lotus and Ford with the Mark 1 Lotus Cortina.

The Lotus story Part 4 1968+ (DVD)

52 minutes     front cover
Details the development of the Type 72 - the most successful GP car of all time until 1986, the Lotus 78, which showed the way ahead in producing a true 'grounds-effect' car and the 'Black Beauty' Lotus 79.

Four part Lotus story (Boxed DVD set)

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