Limited edition Ferrari prints by Alan Fearnley                               



Alan Fearnley is one of the world's leading motoring artists and has received countless accolades for his outstanding artwork depicting classic motor racing scenes, as well as other evocative pictures featuring some of the world's best known cars.

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All the prints featured below have been lithographically printed onto 300gsm acid free Paralux paper for the finest quality and will be supplied in a strong cardboard tube to ensure maximum protection.  To minimise handling, all prints are stored and despatched by the production studio and it is possible that availability and pricing may change after the point of ordering. If this is the case, we will not take any payment, until the changes have been confirmed with yourselves.

The Birth of the Prancing Horse (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)


To commemorate the victory of Enzo Ferrari in the Circuit of Savio - Ravenna, on the 17th June 1923 when Enzo Ferrari was presented with the "Prancing Horse" Emblem by the father of the late Francesco Baracco the famous Italian fighter ace
Featured car: Ferrari

Featured year: 1923

Dimsensions: 545mm x 586mm 

Limited Edition: 850


Vista Bella (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

  The beauty of all that’s Italian, including a Ferrari 250 Spyder California 1959, makes for a perfect view.

Motoring classic

Dimensions: 700mm x 520mm (28" x 20")approx

Limited Edition: 300

Villeneuve Pit Stop (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

Gilles Villeneuve making a pit stop during practice for the 1981 Monaco Grand Prix when he qualified on the front row. He won the race driving a Ferrari 126CK
Featured Make: Ferrari
Featured Model: F1
Featured Drivers: Gilles Villeneuve
Featured Location: Monaco - Grand Prix
Featured Year: 1981
Dimensions: Approximately 52cm x 70cm (20" x 28")
Limited Edition: 850
Signed by Alan Fearnley


Gonzales at Silverstone (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

Gonzales battles with Fangio to win the 1951 British Grand Prix at Silverstone driving a Ferrari 4.5 Litre
Featured Make: Ferrari
Featured Model: F1 4.5ltr
Featured Drivers: Juan Manuel Fangio Jose Froilan Gonzalez
Featured Location: Britain - Grand Prix
Featured Year: 1951
Dimensions: Approximately 52cm x 44cm (17" x 21")
Limited Edition: 500
Signed by Alan Fearnley

Early Start (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)


Featuring the Lancia-Ferrari D50A of Collins & Musso assembled for practice in the early morning sunshine of the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix

Featured car: Lancia-Ferrari D50A

Featured Drivers: Peter Collins Luigi Musso

Dimensions: 700mm x 520mm

Limited edition: 500


Fangio, 1956 World Champion (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

Juan Manuel Fangio with his Lancia/Ferrari D50 prior to winning the 1956 British Grand Prix at Silverstone
Featured Make: Ferrari
Featured Model: F1 D50
Featured Drivers: Juan Manuel Fangio
Featured Location: Britain - Grand Prix
Featured Year: 1956
Dimensions: Approximately 53cm x 44cm (17" x 21")
Limited Edition: 500

Signed by Alan Fearnley


Taruffi at Last (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

  Piero Taruffi on his way to be what was to be the last Mille Miglia race in 1957. This was his 14th attempt and he was driving a Ferrari 315S

Featured car: Ferrari 315S

Dimensions: 810mm x 590mm

Limited Edition: 300

Alesi's Ferrari 105 (Alan Fearnley limited edition print)

  Jean Alesi on his way to his first Formula 1 victory driving the number 27 Ferrari 412T2 on 11th June 1995 at the Canadian Grand Prix, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal. This was Ferrari's 105th Formula 1 Grand Prix victory
Featured Make: Ferrari
Featured Model: F1 412 T2
Featured Drivers: Jean Alesi
Featured Location: Canada - Grand Prix
Featured Year: 1995
Dimensions: Approximately 52cm x 70cm (20" x 28")
Limited Edition: 850

Signed by Alan Fearnley