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Excellent selection of classic Morris Minor products for only £29.99

  • Morris Minor tribute poster featuring many classic Morris Minors
  • Morris Minor reference book
  • Classic framed B&W Morris Minor picture
  • Morris Minors Across America DVD  


Morris Minor tribute poster

Features a great range of classic Morris Minor cars. Measures 42cm x 30cm 



Morris Minor reference book

Informative and beautifully illustrated paperback history of the Morris Minor.



Morris Minors Across America DVD

80 minute documentary filmed across the US chronicling the history of the Morris Minor in its second largest export market. includes Morris Minors on the East coast, West coast and Hawaii; US Morris Minor marketing,   highly modified and gloriously restored US Minors; a profile of a US racing US Morris Minor, including exhilarating in-car footage and much more. "A must see movie" Minor Monthly

*DVD works in all regions

             A selection of classic Morris Minor greeting cards (with matching envelopes)

 Framed B&W picture

Elegantly framed picture of classic Morris Minor in an evocative country setting. (Measures 18cm x 13cm)


Morris Minor special package (UK ONLY)

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Morris Minor special package + mounted and framed Morris Minor picture (SPECIAL PRICE) (UK ONLY)



Get this highly attractive Morris Minor mounted and framed picture for the fantastic price of just £10 when you purchase the Morris Minor special package above.


This traditional black and silver frame measures: 30cm x 25cm