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The Ford Motor Company was the predominant motor manufacturer of the pre-war era with its indefatigable Model T outselling every other car produced -and at one point accounting for nearly half of all the cars on the road.

The company also set the benchmark in motor manufacturing with its automated mass production process ensuring cars could be produced muck quicker and sold much cheaper -paving the way for cars to be affordable for all members of society.

The assorted high-quality DVDs, pictures, posters and books below celebrate the early years of the Ford Motor Company and will inform and fascinate all serious Ford enthusiasts, as well as other motoring historians. 


 Early Ford DVDs featuring classic films from the official Ford archives

The Early Years of Ford in Britain (DVD)


(Total length 75 minutes)

A revealing selection of rarely seen films from the official Ford archives, complete with wonderful period commentary. The films shows the evolution of the Ford Motor Company in Britain from the early years of the 20th Century to the start of World War 2. They include rarely seen film from inside the original Trafford Park factory; a Model A being driven up Ben Nevis; nationwide endurance rallies; the building of the huge Dagenham factory (the biggest car plant in Europe at the time); the launch of the new Ford V8 at the Royal Albert Hall, testing new cars along some of Britain's toughest roads, precision testing of vital components, slow motion analysis of new cars, period marketing films and much more

DVD bonus. A 20 minutes documentary following a rally of original Model T cars on a visit to Trafford Park to celebrate 100 years of Ford in Britain in 2011.

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The Early Years of Ford in America (DVD)


Double DVD 135 minutes

A must for any serious motoring history or early Ford enthusiast. This comprehensive production contains an excellent selection of films from Ford's US archives from the beginning of the 1900s to the start of the 1940s.

It includes everything from the development of the legendary Model T and the impact it had on transportation in America during the early to mid 20th Century; the start of the mass production; early marketing films; the Ford company view of the world in the 1920s; highlights of the 10 millionth Model T being driven across America; "at home" with Henry Ford, the development and launch of the "modern" Ford V-8", Ford-made 1930s cinema newsreels, early Ford racing cars, a national Ford sponsored young drivers competition, entertaining marketing films, pre-war cars being built and tested, "Ford Day" at the 1940 New York World Fair, a profile of the new Ford Mercury, 1940s cinema commercials and much more.


Classic posters featuring legendary Ford cars from the pre-war era

Factorfy poster of early Ford cars


Official poster from the original Ford archives featuring all of Ford's main car models produced between 1903 and 1950


Measures 42cm x 30cm

Henry Ford tribute poster


Special tribute poster celebrating Henry Ford's motoring achievements


Measures: 61cms x 46cms

1936 Ford V8 poster


Classic promotional poster for the 1936 Ford V8

Measures 84cm x 59cm


 Framed B&W pictures of Ford cars in evocative scenes from the 1910s and 1920s

"Gleaming with polish"




(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

"The hunting party"


(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

"The mobile bank"




(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

"Street parade"




(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

"Chatting to the neighbours"




(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

"At the show"




(Frame measures 18cm x 13cm)

All six framed B&W pictures together (SPECIAL PRICE)

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 Leading Ford Model T reference book

The Legendary Model T Ford

By Tom Collins. Hardback. 304 pages

Beautifully packaged book celebrating 100 years plus of the Ford Model T.

Explores the historic revolution Ford's Model T sparked with a low priced, mass produced car that was lightweight and tough.

"Henry's Lady" may have put America on wheels nearly 100 years ago, but this claim to Ford's fame remains as exciting to Ford fans as the day the first one rolled off the line. This passion for performance is celebrated in the 300 superb color photos and historic black-and-white images, production data and technical specifications, and collector pricing contained in this beautiful new book. The classic design, and rich photography of this reference offers you a unique and useful commemorative of the 100-year anniversary of the car that changed the world.