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A brief history of British number plates
A brief history of English made Ford cars in North America
A celebration of American motoring pioneers
A celebration of Southern California's classic car culture
A celebration of the legends, pioneers and innovators of American motor sport
A history of the Buick factories in Flint, Michigan
A personal view of history's greatest cars and designers
A short history of the Paris Motor Show
A short history of Vauxhall Motors
A visual presentation of some of the world's earliest vehicles
America on the Move
American cars of the brass era (pre 1916)
American classic car collections
American motor racing cars of the 1920s and 1930s
American motor racing resource site
America's forgotten race tracks
An abridged history of Ferrari
An abridged timeline and history of Jaguar cars
Annual production of cars built in America 1899 to 2000
Articles and stories relating to the history of the motor car
Aston Martin racing -past and present
Austin 1100 resource site
Austin of England Motor cars between 1947 and 1952
Auto racing classics
Automotive Mileposts
Automotive museums around the world -past and present
Automoto Portal
Big American race cars of the 1930s
Biography of Ferdinand Porsche
Blueprints of different car models
Brief informative history of the automobile
British National Motor Museum
British specialty vehicles past and present
British stock car racing between the 1950s and 1970s
Brooklands Motor Museum
Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame
Car related trading cars of the 1950s
Celebration of vintage motor sports
Classic car directory
Classic cars at auction
Classic cars from Mercedes Benz history
Classic motor racing pictures from yesteryear
Classic photographs from the history of motor racing
Classic photographs of old Ford cars
Collaboration of major manufacturers to produce greener cars
Community based web site for classic car enthusiasts
Comparisons between American 1960s and 2000s compact cars
Comprehensive collection of British motoring web links
Comprehensive directory of old wooden bodied cars
Comprehensive directory of UK motoring web sites
Comprehensive Ferrari history and resource site
Comprehensive history of British commercial vehicles
Comprehensive history of electric cars
Comprehensive history of Lotus cars
Comprehensive history of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars
Comprehensive history of the Austin motor company
Comprehensive illustrated history of all major motor manufacturers and their main models
Comprehensive illustrated listing of all amphibious vehicles
Comprehensive illustrated listing of all major car models
Comprehensive illustrated listing of international motor racing results
Comprehensive illustrated web site devoted to the prewar Morris Minor and M type MG
Comprehensive listing and directory of 3-wheel cars
Comprehensive listing of all UK car clubs
Comprehensive listing of American motor museums
Comprehensive listing of automotive web sites
Comprehensive listing of classic car links
Comprehensive listing of motor racing statistics
Comprehensive listing of the world's microcars
Comprehensive motoring history resource site
Comprehensive online motor sport directory
Comprehensive online resource for all MG enthusiasts
Comprehensive online resource relating to all cars of Austin Rover
Comprehensive photographic picture galleries
Comprehensive resource devoted to contemporary motor racing
Comprehensive resource for the Daimler DS420 limousine
Comprehensive resource of historic motor racing
Comprehensive resource of Jaguar history
Comprehensive resource of the MG Magnette car
Comprehensive resource of UK based motoring information
Comprehensive resource site devoted to the Hillman Imp
Comprehensive selection of American car brochures
Comprehensive timeline of American motor manufacturing
Comprehensive Triumph resource site
Comprehensive web site devoted to the prewar Morris Minor
Comprehensive web site for the American classic car community
Contemporary photographs of Light and Edwardian cars of the Vintage Sports Car Club
Cords in South Africa
Database of Cadillac history, milestones, advertisements and photographs
Detailed history of the American Automobile Association
Detailed history of the World Land Speed Record
Detailed illustrated history of Aston Martin cars
Detailed listing of motoring art and artists
Detailed listing of the World Land Speed Record
Detailed profile of Henry Ford
Detroit auto shows of the early 20th Century
Dick Ralstin's motor racing web site
Dinah Shore's involvement with Chevrolet 1951-1963
Directory and profiles of motoring museums worldwide
Directory of automotive web sites
Directory of British motor racing circuits
Directory of motor racing circuits around the world
Display of old British car adverts and posters
Drag racing photographs from the 1960s
Drive archive
Early auto racing in Minnesota
Early automobiles of the Mountain Lakes region of New Jersey
Early customized American hot-rod cars
Early motoring in Exeter
Entrants and winners of Le Mans from 1923 onwards
Equipment used by Britain's armoured car regiments
Excellent selection of classic car advertisements
Experimental concept cars from the 1930s to 1950s
Extensive collection of motoring and motorsport archive photographs
Extensive directory of 500cc motor racing cars and drivers
Extensive directory of American coachbuilders
Extensive directory to the history of classic cars in South Africa
Extensive galleries of car photographs
Extensive galleries of motor racing photographs
Extensive galleries of motorsport photographs
Extensive galleries of old car advertisements and photographs
Extensive history of Chrysler cars
Extensive history of grand prix drivers places and events
Extensive history of the MG company
Extensive illustrated directory of different types of hearses
Extensive illustrated guide to all special edition Volkswagen Beetles
Extensive illustrated listing of 20th Century car brochures
Extensive illustrated listing of British car brochures
Extensive illustrated listing of global passenger cars built between 1932 and 1945
Extensive illustrated listing of international car brochures
Extensive illustrated listing of Porsche brochures
Extensive illustrated listing of the world's strangest limousines
Extensive illustrated listing of Triumph car brochures
Extensive illustrated profiles of all car manufacturers from the Black Country
Extensive Land Rover resource site
Extensive listing of American motor racing results and achievements
Extensive listing of classic car photographs
Extensive listing of classic car photographs and advertisements
Extensive listing of early electric car manufacturers
Extensive listing of Italian car related web sites
Extensive listing of motoring ephemera
Extensive online resource for Bentley cars built between 1919 and 1931
Extensive photographic galleries of military jeeps
Extensive profile of Land Rover history and all Land Rover models
Extensive resource for the Goggomil car
Extensive resource for vintage motor racing
Extensive resource relating to Eastern European cars from the 1930s to the present day
Extensive resource site for the classic Mini
Extensive selection of original British manufacturer sales brochures
Extensive timeline of motoring history
Extensive Volkswagen resource site
Fact filled enthusiast MG web site
Fantastic Maserati resource site
Fiberglass sports cars of the 1950s
Galleries of classic car pictures
Grand Prix winners 1895-1949
Historic Grand Prix facts and figures
Historic highways of California
Historic motor racing resources
Historic motoring books for sale
History and legends of Grand Prix racing
Hundreds of classic early archive photographs of Brooklands
Hungarian microcars of the 1940s and 1950s
Illustrated articles from motoring history
Illustrated articles on US and British motoring history
Illustrated display of rare and experimental Bentley cars
Illustrated history chronicling the birth of the motor car
Illustrated history of Mercedes-Benz and the Geneva Motor Show
Illustrated history of motoring in Scotland
Illustrated history of road recovery vehicles
Illustrated history of road signs in California
Illustrated history of Russia's ZIL car
Illustrated history of the Aintree Race Circuit
Illustrated history of the Ford Bussey car dealership from 1900 onwards
Illustrated history of the Silverstone motor racing circuit
Illustrated history of the world's strangest vehicles
Illustrated listing of Elvis Pressley's Cadillacs
Illustrated profiles of classic cars of the 20th Century
Illustrated profiles of motor racing's greatest drivers
Illustrated profiles of old Mercedes cars
Illustrated profiles of the world's greatest motor racing cars
Illustrated profiles of vintage automobile racing engines
Illustrated stories from the early days of motoring in Toronto
Informative history of the MG company
Informative old car web site
International history of MGB's major motor racing achievements
Jarrotts motorsport photographic galleries
Land Rover resource site
Land speed record breaking at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Legends of Nascar -what made stocks cars what it is today
Library of motoring and motor racing sounds
Listing of classic car related web sites
Listing of defunct American automotive manufacturers
Listing of MGA cars which have appeared in films
Listing of vintage open wheel racing web sites
Lotus Esprit resource site
Maps of international racing circuits
Mechanical evolution of the motor car
Mercedes cars in the movies
MG vintage racers live the dream at Watkins Glen
Motor racing history
Motor Racing Legends motor racing series
Motor racing photograph galleries of Pete Lyons
Motoring in Britain in the 1960s
Motorsport Memorial -devoted to those who lost their lives on the track
Motorsports Hall of Fame
Multilingual web site devoted to the history of car styling
Multimedia history of many of the world's classic car manufacturers
Multimedia history of the Ford Motor Company
Multimedia history of the Shelsey Walsh Hill Climb
Multimedia tribute site to the Targa Florio road race
New Mini resource web site
New York's Vanderbilt Cup Races from 1904 to 1910
New Zealand speedway history
Notable milestones in Ford history
Official stories from the history of Mercedes Benz
Online guide to Indian cars
Online illustrated profile of American motor racing legend Dan Gurney
Online magazine devoted to French and Italian classic cars
Online magazine devoted to motoring history
Online magazine devoted to prewar cars
Online magazine for British V8 enthusiasts
Online resource devoted to Wolseley cars
Online resource for all Jaguar enthusiasts
Online resource for the classic car enthusiast
Online resource of motoring history
Ormond Beach, Florida -the birthplace of speed
Outstanding collection of early car photographs from the Musee National de l'Automobile
Phil Seed's virtual car museum
Photographgic galleries of classic American car showrooms
Photographic archive of the Goodrich Motor Company
Photographic galleries of classic cars
Photographic galleries of classic model cars
Photographic galleries of early American car makers
Photographic galleries of many of the world's strangest and most unusual vehicles
Photographic galleries of Mini limousine cars from around the world
Photographic galleries of modern concept cars
Photographic galleries of motor cars past and present
Photographic galleries of rare, concept and prototype cars
Photographic gallery of motor sport "trophy girls"
Photographic history of Rolls-Royce cars in India
Photographs and profiles of classic Ferraris
Photographs and profiles of many of the world's finest thoroughbred cars
Photographs chronicling the racing history of Australian motor racing legend, Sir Jack Brabham
Photographs of old cars in Queensland, Australia
Photographs of the Veteran Car Club of Australia
Photos and stories from American East coast sports car racing in the 1950s and 60s
Pictorial highlights of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Production numbers and technical specifications for MG T cars
Profile of Lagonda cars built between 1949 and 1958
Profile of Mini designer Alec Issigonis
Profile of the Bertoni exhibition at the London Design Museum
Profile of the Manitoba Antique Auto Museum
Profile of the Nevada vintage car car museum
Profiles and photographs of rare and luxurious Rolls-Royce cars
Profiles of Formula 1 racing driver champions and manufacturers
Profiles of leading early motor manufacturers
Profiles of major British motor manufacturers
Profiles of old cars, drivers and race meetings
Programs from historic motor racing meetings
R E Olds Official transport museum in Michigan
Racing specials of the 1950s
Racing sports cars -motor racing past and present
Record breaking at Daytona Beach
Register of unusual microcars
Resource for Russian car  web sites
Resource site for Mitsubishi Colts built between 1962 and 1970
Resource site for the British classic car movement
Resource site for the e-type Jaguar
Resource site for the Lotus Elan
Resource site for the Triumph TR2, 3 and 4 cars
Restoring a Ford Model T
Richard and Lee Petty's stock car racing successes
Road numbering systems around the world
Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars
Selection of early motoring adverts
Simple stories of families and their early cars from rural America
Source of Automotive literature
Stamps featuring MG cars
Stories and photographs from Rolls-Royce history
Stories from motor racing history
Stories from motoring history
Swedish brass cars
Tales from the golden age of motor racing
Technical specifications on thousands of cars -past and present
The achievements of Classic Team Lotus
The Allard Register of Allard history
The American Early Ford Registry 1903-1909
The Association of British Drivers
The auto racing history of Al Bixt
The automobile in American life and society
The Automotive Chronicles -stories from motoring history
The Automotive Hall of Fame
The automotive related photographic collections of the Detroit Public Libraries
The Bentley Drivers Club history of all Bentley cars
The birthplace of the Ford Model T
The Bonneville Salt Flats in American popular culture
The Briggs Cunningham story
The Bruce McLaren Trust
The Buick Heritage Alliance -general resource site for Buick history
The cars of the Franschhoek Motor Museum in South Africa
The cars on display at the 1951 Festival of Britain
The Centennial Celebration of the Great Auto Race of 1908
The Center for the Stufdy of Automotive Heritage
The chronological story of motoring
The Colin Chapman Museum and Education Centre
The Coventry Transport Museum
The Delhi Traffic Police
The Design Museum's profile of Mini inventor, Alec Issigonis
The Design Museum's profile of the e-type Jaguar
The development and evolution of roads in South Australia
The Dunsfold Collection of rare Land Rovers
The early history of motorsport at Bonneville
The early years of car design and innovation
The Electric Auto Association
The electric car owners club
The Ford Model T birthplace project
The Ford Side valve Owners Club (British Ford cars 1932 - 1962)
The golden age of petrol stations
The Henry Ford Heritage Association
The history and directory of electric cars from 1934 to 1987
The history and early photographs of America's coast-to-coast highway, Route 50
The history and photographs of the Virginia International Raceway
The history of AC cars
The history of American public roads
The history of Austin Healey
The History of Automobile Racing on the Historic Half-Mile Dirt Racetrack at the Cowley County Fairgrounds, Winfield, Kansas
The history of automobiles in Nova Scotia
The history of British hand carts, Road Traffic - Hand Carts, horse drawn vehicles and bicycles
The history of British motor manufacturers
The history of British road safety
The history of British roads, highways and road signs
The history of Buick in Australia
The history of cars in South Africa
The history of Castrol Oil in motor cycle racing
The history of Citroen
The history of Crossley Motors
The history of electric cars
The history of Ford in South Africa
The history of green motoring
The history of hybrid cars
The history of individual Rootes companies
The history of land speed record attempts in Australia and New Zealand
The history of McClaren Motorsport
The history of MG's speed racing exploits at Bonneville
The history of Mini Coopers at the Monte Carlo Rallies
The history of Minnesota dirt track racing
The history of Morris Minors in government service
The history of motor racing at Goodwood
The history of motor racing in New Zealand
The history of motoring in Egypt
The history of motoring in Japan
The history of motorsport before World War 1
The history of number plates in Nova Scotia
The history of petrol pumps
The history of road markings and street furniture in Britain
The history of roads and highways in California
The history of Sir Malcolm Campbell
The history of Skoda cars
The history of the Airstreamer
The history of the Austin Gipsy
The history of the Bantam and Willys Jeeps and the BRC (Bantam Reconnaissance Vehicle)
The history of the Batmobile since 1941
The history of the Berkeley sports car in America
The history of the Chicago Auto Show
The history of the Cooper Car Company's 500cc race car
The history of the Cord Automobile Company
The history of the Ecurie Ecosse motor racing company
The history of the electrical horseless carriage
The history of the film star car, Genevieve
The history of the Ford Fiesta in international competition
The history of the Horseless Age magazine
The history of the Hudson Jet 1953 - 1954
The history of the Humber cars, part of the Rootes Chrysler group
The history of the Isetta
The history of the Long Island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Race
The history of the Macau Grand Prix
The history of the old roads of Scotland
The history of the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company
The history of the Rootes company in Australia
The history of the Rover company
The history of the Rover SD1
The history of the South African Austin Apache
The history of the stainless steel car
The history of the Stanley Steamer
The history of the Tokyo Motor Show
The history of the UK motorway network
The history of the Volkswagen Beetle in international rallying
The history of the wedge shape Triumph TR7
The history of toll roads in Lancashire
The history of Triumphs works spitfires
The home of the American Austin and the American Bantam
The Horseless Carriage Club of America
The Horseless Carriage Foundation
The illustrated history of the 1966 Batmobile
The illustrated history of the Clement Panhard car
The International Gordon Bennett Rally
The International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen
The Internet movie car database
The Jag Lovers Web Site
The Klementaski motor racing photographic galleries
The Lotus 30 tribute site
The Mike Hayward classic British motorsport photograph collection
The Morgan Sports Car Club
The motor racing photographs of Ken Coles 1950s to 1970s
The motorsport photographic archives of Tom Burnside
The museum for the Stanley Steamer
The National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame
The Nick Baldwin online motoring collection
The official history of Alfa Romeo
The official history of Bentley Motors
The official history of BMW's motor racing achievements
The official history of British roads
The official history of Bugatti
The official history of Daimler cars
The official history of Dunlop tyres
The official history of Fiat
The official history of General Motors
The official history of Germany's Nurburgring
The official history of Honda
The official history of Jensen cars
The official history of mail delivery in America
The official history of Marcos cars
The official history of Morgan cars
The official history of Peugeot
The official history of Pierce Arrow cars
The official history of Porsche
The official history of the National Motor Vehicle Company
The official history of the Studebaker Motor Company
The official history of the Suzuki Company
The official history of Volkswagen
The official multimedia history of Land Rovers
The official story of Carroll Shelby
The official timeline of General Motors history
The official web site of racing legend Mike Hawthorn
The official web site of Sir Stirling Moss
The official web site of the Austin Bantam Society
The official web site of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
The online history of stock cars
The online history of Sudebaker
The Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance
The photographic galleries of Dave Friedman
The preservation of California's historic Route 101
The Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club
The Schlumpf Collection of classic cars
The Showroom of Automotive History
The Society of Automotive Historians
The Society of Land Speed Racing Historians
The Speed Record Club
The Steam Car Club of Great Britain
The stories behind motor racing facts and fiction
The story of the 1977 London to Sydney car rally
The story of the 20 millionth Ford car
The story of the Allard J2X
The story of the Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire car
The story of the Austin Grasshopper
The story of the famous 1907 Zust car
The story of the first Mercedes car
The story of the first trans-Australia car journey in 1908
The story of the Great New York to Paris race, 1908
The story of the last 300 Volkswagen special edition Beetles sold in the UK
The story of the Lincoln Highway -America's coast to coast road
The story of the Volkswagen amphibious the Schwimmwagen
The story of the Yellow Rolls Royce film and the subsequent restoration of the car
The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register
The Surrey vintage vehicle society -extensive resource for all old car enthusiasts
The Veteran Car Club of Australia
The vintage sports car photographs of Alan Khun
The Volusia County legacy of men, speed, race cars, rockets and motorcycles
The wacky world of alternative autos
The web site for vintage car owners and enthusiasts
The web site of the Brooklands Motor Museum
The Wikipedia history of the automobile
This day in motor racing history -key motor racing events for each day of the year
Three dimensional computer models of cars
Timeline of automotive history
Tragedy of Le Mans -story of the 1955 accident
Tribute to Alfa Romeo cars and history
Tribute to American motor racing legend Barney Oldfield
Tribute to British Sunbeam cars built between 1899 and 1981
Tribute to the Austin Gipsy
Tribute to the original Italian Job film
Tribute to the Triumph Mayflower 1949-1953
Tribute web site to the Austin America
UK web site devoted to classic cars and motoring history
Vintage Californian race photographs
Virtual exhibition of America on the move
Virtual museum of motoring history
Virtual tour of the extraordinary Bruce Weiner microcar museum
Web site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Chicagoland auto racing history
Web site devoted Bond three-wheeler cars
Web site devoted to the Reliant Scimitar car
Web site exclusively devoted to old classic cars
Web site for the Rover P4
Web site of the European Automotive Hall of Fame
Web site of the International Amphicar Owners Club
Weird and wonderful American gas stations
Wikicars main resource pages
Women motor racing drivers in Kansas prior to 1960
World championship drivers -where are they now
Worldwide racing history of Studebaker cars

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