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Great British Classics DVD + British Auto Legends reference book


Great British Classics  (187 minute DVD)

Detailed histories of four British motoring classics: Rolls-Royce, Morgan, Austin Healey and the e-type Jaguar. Made for TV’s History Channel, these thoroughly researched documentaries contain great archive footage of the different cars being built, tested and raced, revealing interviews with many of the key personnel from the different factories and great footage of the cars on the road in the past, as well as in recent times. From the birth of the famous Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, to the supreme design of the e-type Jaguar and from the quintessentially British Morgan to the highly desirable Austin Healey, this DVD provides an extremely informative insight into some of the greatest ever names in motoring history and is essential viewing for all serious British motoring historians.


British Auto Legends (288 page hardback reference book)

British Auto Legends is a magnificent, beautifully presented coffee table book which gathers together more than 50 of the most significant British cars designed between 1907 and the present, each one a milestone of British motoring heritage. The great car names featured include, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Morgan, Aston Martin, Mini and many others. There is a succinct description of each car's history, design and performance, along with outstanding original photographs of the cars by one of the world's foremost car photographers. British Auto Legends is an authoritative tribute to the nation that gave the world the sports car and this is a book which is likely to stay on the coffee table for a very long time. 

 + Bonus
Pack of 20 high-quality classic British car marketing postcards featuring many of Britain's greatest cars. Worth £14.99  (click here to see individual images)

Motoring history 2 DVD package + 100 Years of Motoring picture reference book



Two, highly informative motoring history DVDs + revealing 300 page motoring history illustrated reference book 


The History of the Motor Car DVD (128 minutes)

This extremely informative DVD brings together all five parts of BP’s magnificent documentary series detailing the development of the motor car. It begins at the dawn of motoring, when pioneers hunted for a way to replace horse power with horsepower. The journey continues through to the arrival of such famous names as Daimler, Renault and Rolls-Royce. We then follow the development of the mass market, the reinvention of the industry following WW1, the important role of motor racing, the stunning craftsmanship of Bugatti and Alfa Romeo, and then the horrendous impact of the Depression. We then see how car production evolved after WW2, with many new more advanced models produced, culminating with the amazing Mini of the late 1950s.


Motoring Through the Ages DVD 1890s - 1930s  (110 minutes)

Rarely seen films from around the world from the earliest days of motoring when both cars and the movie camera were being developed, up to the end of the 1930s.
This excellent DVD is a must for anyone interested in the origins of the motor car and includes some of the earliest ever film footage of cars on the road, early car manufacturing, new car launches, the early impact of the car in society, early motor racing, the start of mass production, daring early car stunt drivers, early road safety films, major motor shows, novel and experimental cars and much more.


100 Years of motoring -20th Century in Pictures (300 page reference book)

This book is a fascinating visual exploration of motoring in Britain, which began as a minority pursuit of the rich and eccentric. Here, the reader can see the story unfold, from the very early days to the motor car, to the car dominating all our lives today. It includes everything from early motor racing, including oily days at pre-war Brooklands to the high tech professionalism of today's FI super teams. It shows everything from the empty roads of the past to contemporary motorway congestion. It shows family holidays in old Austins and Fords and much more. Every page has a wonderful picture of motoring nostalgia and the book is guaranteed to entertain any serious motoring enthusiast.


Motor racing history



Motor Racing Circuits in England -Then and Now  By Peter Swinger. 160 pages.

‘Motor Racing Circuits In England, Then And Now’ takes you on a fascinating journey through all of England's motor racing circuits, from the famous ones which still exist such as Donington, Brands Hatch and Silverstone, to the many long lost ones such as Thornaby, Rufforth and Ibsley which only the most devoted enthusiasts will recall in detail. The book contains extensive detail about each track, as well as an extensive selection of revealing photographs, race program covers, as well as maps of the different circuits. The 160 pages really do delve into the richness of England’s motor racing heritage, and is essential reading for anyone interested in motoring racing history.


The Birth of Formula 1 (DVD) 63 minutes

This DVD is a must for anyone interested in Formula 1 history. Using rarely-seen archive footage, it begins with the very first race, at Silverstone, in 1950. We see Guiseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio, Luigi Fagioli and Reg Parnell do battle on the converted airfield racetrack. We then witness, in colour, three races from 1951, when the supercharged Alfa 159Bs went head-to-head with the 4.5 litre Ferraris at Reims, Silverstone and the Nurburgring. Farina, Fangio and Parnell are joined by Jose Froilan Gonzales and Alberto Ascari as the peaceful summer days are shattered by the thundering engines and cheers from the packed grandstands. The DVD concludes with the German GPs of 1953 and 1954 when Britain’s Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorn compete as Maserati, Mercedes and Cooper start to challenge the established order.


The Formula One Miscellany   By John White. 192 pages

There is something for all motor racing fan in The Formula One Miscellany. Formula One's World Championship dates back to the middle of the last century and has developed a reputation for glamour, glitz and glory. Within these pages, the reader will learn hundreds of fascinating facts about the sport on a whole range of topics, from cars and drivers to teams and tracks. Painstakingly researched by motor racing fanatic John White, it includes all the major facts and stats in Formula One up to the end of the 2015 season, The book also contains driver biographies, track descriptions, team information, details of famous head- to-head battles and much more and is an excellent reference source.


The History of Sports Cars DVD + British Sports Cars of the 1950s and 60s reference book



The History of Sports Cars DVD (178 minute)

A comprehensive documentary which celebrates many of the greatest sports cars ever produced -from the race winners at Le Mans and elsewhere in the pre war era to the modern supercars of the 21st Century. Primarily focusing on the great cars from Britain, Germany and Italy, along with Ford's celebrated GT40, the DVD uses an outstanding selection of archive film, as well as contemporary footage and factory films, to show the cars in detail, as well as in action. For anyone interested in the history of sports cars, this is a must-see production.


British Sports Cars of the 1950s and 60s (56 page reference book)

E-type Jaguar; Triumph Spitfire; MGA; Austin-Healey – nobody built sports cars like British manufacturers in the 1950s and ’60s. There was something very special about the combination of low-slung open two-seater bodywork and spartan interior, a slick sporting gearchange and a throaty exhaust note. This was wind-in-the-hair motoring, and it was affordable by the average young man – at least, until he got married and had a family. MG and Triumph stood out as the market leaders, but many other companies thrived, from luxury manufacturers like Jaguar and even daimler to other more affordable marques. This colourfully illustrated history tells the exciting story of the British sports car in the 1950s and ’60s.


British Motor Shows of the 1960s DVD + Cars We Loved in the 1960s reference book



British Motor Shows of the 1960s DVD  (86 minutes)     

Enjoy a wonderful trip down memory lane with this highly entertaining DVD (mostly in colour) which features all the British motor shows of the last decade when Britain was still one of the world’s leading car makers. These shows were still the principal place where the average motorist went to see the latest models, as well as the concept cars of the future. The cars featured here include the latest Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ford Zephyr, Zodiac, Triumph Spitfire, the new Morris 1100, the Hillman Imp, the MGB, Jensen, the new Vauxhalls, Rover’s experimental gas turbine car and many others. Additional bonus features include 1960s motor shows from Tokyo, Geneva and Amsterdam, as well as the 1960, 1964 and 1968 Commercial Motor Show.


Cars We Loved in the 1960s  (160 page reference book)

If you owned a car in 1960s Britain, then you’ll love this blast back in time to when driving was still fun, highway speed limits were unheard-of (well, until 1965 anyway), and buying a new car was a thrilling family event. It was a golden period for iconic classic cars – the Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-type, AC Cobra and MGB – but also a time when British manufacturers really got their act together with stylish family models. Who can forget great little runabouts with evocative names like Anglia, Herald, Imp, Viva, Cortina and Hunter? Meanwhile, Rovers, Triumphs and Jags were delighting executives as they cruised along near-empty motorways. It was too good to last, of course, with regulations looming and fancy foreign cars creeping on to Britain’s driveways by the end of the decade. In this richly illustrated book, Giles Chapman recalls all the key cars of the era that you probably owned – or at least coveted – and brings the swinging ’60s back to life.    


British Motor Shows & Motor Racing in the 1970s DVD + Cars We Loved in the 1970s reference book



British Motor Shows and Motor racing in the 1970s DVD (95 minutes)

Celebrate the 1970s with a feature-packed 90 minutes+ of period British cars, motor shows and motor racing. The colourful evocative Motor Shows feature more than 100 great cars of the era, including: the Triumph GT-6, Lotus Europa, Vauxhall Firenza, Jaguar XJ12, Morris Marina, Aston Martin Lagonda, Rolls-Royce Camargue, Vanden Plas 1500, Lamborghini, Jensen-Healy, Ferrari 308 GTB, MG Midget, Austin Mini, Allegro, Ford Cortina, Capri and many others, plus many glamorous female models. The DVD also includes newsreels of most of the British Grand Prix of the decade, as well as the International Rally Of Great Britain in 1972 and the Historic Car Championship at Silverstone in 1973. All the leading cars and drivers of the era are included in what is a thoroughly informative reflection of the decade


Cars We Loved in the 1970s  (160 page reference book)

The 1970s saw some ground-breaking new metal in British showrooms: the Renault 5 established the new ‘supermini’ class, the Volkswagen Golf gave the average family car a hatchback and top quality, the Ford Capri made sporty cars available to everyone and, despite all of this, that old favourite the Ford Cortina continued to rule the sales charts. It was a funny old time to be a driver, and Britain started to experience a love/hate relationship with the four-wheeled machine that previously symbolised nothing but speed and freedom. The economic rollercoaster sent fuel prices soaring, while the country’s roads left something to be desire, and then there was the issue of those cars themselves: it seemed British manufacturers, beset by striking workers and falling quality standards, were stalling as Japan’s Datsuns and Toyotas cruised off with contented customers. Giles Chapman documents the whole turbulent decade stunningly illustrated book, from the cars that dominated our motoring lives to the much-maligned Morris Marina and Reliant Robin actually helped drivers out of a jam.

1960s & 1970s Book and DVD packages together (SPECIAL PRICE)


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Aston Martin -the David Brown Years DVD + The Little Book of Aston Martin reference book



Aston Martin -The David Brown Years DVD (77 minutes) 

When industrialist Sir David Brown bought Aston Martin he began a 25-year programme of development which would see the marque established as a prestige brand, and become dominant on the racetrack. This nostalgic film fully explores this period, from Sir David's acquisition in 1947 to his decision to sell the firm in 1972. A feast of magnificent archive footage charts the racing history of Aston Martin, from the DB1 to the DP214, including the exploits of such legendary names as Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby, Tony Brooks, Roy Salvadori and others. We are treated to rare film of Aston Martin's great racing machines in action at the Mille Miglia, Silverstone, Goodwood, Sebring, the Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Dundrod and, of course, Le Mans. It concludes with a look at the post-DB years, right up to the iconic DB7 of the 1990s, which continued the David Brown legacy into a new generation.


The Little Book of Aston Martin (128 page reference book)

Aston Martin - those two simple words conjure up exciting images in any enthusiast's mind. Images of power, speed and elegance with a dash of suavity thrown in. This handy reference book gives a potted history of Aston Martin, outlining the company's chequered background and how it has evolved to be the prestige marque it is today, recognised around the world. It also features some of the most interesting and important road-going models that Aston Martin has produced over the years, complete with performance figures and useful statistic fact boxes.


Land Rovers Across Britain DVD + The Little Book of Land Rovers reference book



Land Rovers Across Britain DVD (135 minutes)

Land Rovers across Britain is an outstanding documentary DVD which was filmed from Cornwall to the Shetland Isles and presents a unique visual celebration of British Land Rover history and activities. It includes: Off-roading (Salisbury Plain, Scottish Highlands and elsewhere); Shows (Stoneleigh, Billing, High Wycombe); Very rare Land Rovers (Centaur, Cuthbertson, Judge Dredd, Perentie, Roadless Traction and others); Archive films; Early marketing; Radically modified Land Rovers; Unusual working Land Rovers; Scottish Land Rover safari; Dunsfold Land Rover Trust Open Day; London to Brighton Land Rover run; Heritage run from Land Rover factory to Gaydon; Extraordinary military Land Rovers at the massive War and Peace Show in Kent; Beautifully restored and original Series 1s; Devoted owners; Rescue and emergency Land Rovers in everyday use and much more.


The Little Book of Land Rover (128 page reference book)

Little Book of Land Rover takes a trip down memory lane and remembers the models that drove their way into the Nation s hearts. Launched in 1948, the Land Rover had some unexpected owners including King George VI and Winston Churchill and once the British Army embraced it as their vehicle of choice, the Land Rover s place in motoring s hall of fame was secured The story started with the Series 1, but the family expanded with the arrival of the Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Freelander not to mention the purpose-built variations for the military and emergency services so come on a journey to relive the birth of the 4 X 4. This is a fantastic 128-page hardback book celebrating one of the most iconic motoring brands in the world.


The Legendary MG DVD + MG reference book



The Legendary MG (double DVD) 175 minutes

Disc 1 (75 minutes) features the Heights of Danger drama. This is a fictional 1950s story of an unpleasant profiteer who seeks to sabotage an Alpine motor rally. The film's main actors are Basil Appleby and Freda Bamford, but the real star is the MG TD which manages to tackle some of Europe's most twisting and mountainous roads with great ability. Other shorter films included are: Safety Fast, an MG Sports Car promotional film from 1948 featuring American and English amateur racing car drivers zooming around a course in Florida; Goldie Gardner on a German autobahn at Dessau breaking the International kilometre record; a fascinating insight into the MG production line at the Abingdon workshops and a look at the new 1958 Twin-Cam MGA production car.

Disc 2 (100 minutes) is the MGs Across America documentary made in the late 1990s and featuring the extraordinary love affair Americans had for MG cars since the end of World War 2. The DVD includes rare archive footage, exclusive interviews with some of the early US MG racing drivers, pristine, rust-free and highly modified MGs, a tour of a huge private MG museum, exclusive US MG marketing, a vast MG model collection, footage from a huge MG gathering on the Indianapolis race track, a rare MGF in America and more.


MG by Jonathan Wood (56 page reference book)

Britain’s most popular sporting marque, MG is one of only a handful of British motoring names to have survived into the twenty-first century. From the quintessential open two-seater MG Midget, through the booming post-war years and the emergence of MG as a provider of sports cars for the world, Jonathan Wood provides an in-depth analysis of the rise and fall of a motoring legend. Examining the various models in detail, the author covers the financial and corporate traumas which afflicted the company, its brief resurgence in 1995 with the release of the MGF, and the final sad chapter which saw a British icon sold off to foreign investors. This is an informative and at times touching glimpse into the history of one of the world’s most recognisable sports cars.


Porsche-The Legendary Cars DVD + Porsche 911 Source Book



Porsche -The Legendary Cars DVD (115 minutes) 

More than sixty years ago, automotive genius and creator of the original Volkswagen Beetle Dr Ferdinand Porsche gave his name to what would become one of the world's most famous sports car marques. Since then some of the greatest road and racing cars ever made have been those bearing the famous Porsche shield. Join us as we celebrate these legendary cars and their legacy. We look at the most outstanding road cars of the last fifty years, from the first VW-inspired models through the illustrious 911 in its various incarnations to the current Boxster convertible. The super-cool Carrera GT concept car points to he future direction of Porsche's road-going cars.

And then we concentrate on the great racing success Porsche has achieved at events like the Le Mans and Daytona 24-Hours and the Paris-Dakar, East African Safari and Monte Carlo ralies. Archive footage from these events together with interviews with Le Mans winners Richard Attwood and Hurley Haywood bring this racing heritage to life. The 356 coupes of the 1950s, highly successful 907/908 and awesome 917; the all conquering 956/962, the 914/6 and the 911 Carrera RSR; the whale-tailed 935, fabulous 959 supercar, plus the 1998 Le Mans-winning 911 GTi, every significant competition car over the company's first four decades is featured in depth. There's also such DVD extras as: a GT3 Nurburgring Experience, plus a tribute to Porsche's outstanding Le Mans achievements.


Porcshe 911 Source Book (296 page hardback reference book)

The 911 was launched way back in 1964 and is still in production today and over the time it has become an automotive wonder of the world. Down the years it has continually evolved, to the point where today's versions share little more than a name, a shape and an engine configuration with their earliest forebears. The many thousands of changes in specification through the years are all recorded and explained in this book, which has been compiled with extraordinary diligence from technical documentation in Porsche's archives. This is a true-have for every serious Porsche 911 enthusiast. 


The History of the VW Camper van DVD + Camper Vans and RVs in Pictures reference book



The History of the VW Camper van DVD (77 minutes)

This high-quality production uses considerable archive footage to tell the story of how the legendary Volkswagen Camper van was conceived by accident in VW’s Type 1 (Beetle) plant in Wolfsburg in the late 1940s and then went on to become one of the most famous vehicles on the road, across the world, over the following 20 years. Never before had such a vehicle been produced which had so many different uses and it set a standard which many other manufacturers quickly tried to copy, but none ever succeeded with the same success. The DVD is highly engrossing and will inform everyone who is fascinated by this legendary vehicle. 


Camper Vans and RVs in pictures (64 page reference book)

A heavily illustrated and highly informative reference book which takes a look at everything from the  development of the early VW transporters at the end of the 1940s, to the impact the colourful camper vans have had on modern culture throughout the world in the years since. It includes dozens of photographs of unusual and highly modified vehicles, as well as many newspaper and magazine advertisements which have been used over the years. The book has an informative text, is very easy to read and presents a useful reference source for one of the world's most iconic and recognisable vehicles.