old books


Camper Vans and RVs in pictures


64 pages 

A fun, well presented look at the wonderful world of the VW camper van and its various derivatives. It is packed with dozens of revealing photographs, showing all forms of camper vans in many different places, Also included are many historic magazine advertisements showing how the Camper van has been marketed through the ages. The text is crisp and informative throughout, in an easy-to-read book which thoroughly promotes the virtues of this timeless motoring icon. SOLD OUT

The Little Book of Land Rover


By Charlotte Morgan and Stan Fowler. 128 pages, Hardback

The Second World War proved, among other things, the value of a basic 4-wheeled drive vehicle of rugged construction. The success of the American Jeep inspired the Wilkes brothers, Maurice & Spencer, who ran the Rover car company, that a British version was likely to be well received. Launched in 1948, customers were never in short supply for their creation, the Land Rover, although there were some unexpected owners for such a sparse and utilitarian car, incuding King George VI and Winston Churchill. Once the British army embraced it as their vehicle of choice, the Land Rover s place in motoring s hall of fame was secured. Since those days, the company has gone on to invent the concept of the luxury 4 x 4 with the launch of the Range Rover in 1970 and has added further to the distinguished stable with the Discovery, Freelander and more recently, the Evoque. The Land Rover has truly conquered the globe .... .find out how inside. SOLD OUT

Motor cars of the 1930s

By Ian Dussek. 32 Pages

The car came of age during the 1930s. It ceased to be a successor to the horse-drawn cart and no longer was it a rich man’s toy. This book charts the development made in the decade prior to the Second World War, during which the means of construction, materials, engineering and the companies themselves became established. Variety was the essence of the period and the public could take its pick from hundreds of models. It is a story of engineering improvement, the rationalisation of sales and service in vehicles and components, and of change even to the roads themselves. SOLD OUT

The Racing Driver's Pocket Book

By Colin Goodwin. 160 pages. Hardback 

An excellent handy reference book which lets you relive the thrills of the early Grand Prix and great endurance races from the golden age of motorsport.

Using extracts from contemporary race-reports along with expert advice on competitive driving and vintage advertisements, the book takes a light-hearted look at motor racing from its earliest origins up to the beginnings of Formula 1. It features such great names like Juan Fangio and Malcolm Campbell; eccentric personalities like the Siamese racing Prince 'Bira'; famous races such as the Mille Miglia and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and iconic tracks from Brooklands to the Nurburgring, The Racing Driver s Pocket Book evokes the unique spirit and élan of the period. It also focuses on the cars that achieved lasting fame, such as the famous German silver arrows of the 1930s, and explains racing terminology and tactics outlining track rules and regulations, as well as providing a few pointers on appropriate racing attire. SOLD OUT

The Morgan

  By Ken Hill. 32 Pages. 

When H. F. S. Morgan designed and built his first three-wheeled single-seater car in 1909, he could never have envisaged the enormous success that his cars were to enjoy. Several attempts have been made by major manufacturers over the years to take over the company but all have been resisted, making Morgan the oldest family motor manufacturer in the world. Such is the attraction of the Morgan that the company no longer has to advertise its cars and the waiting list for a new car is between six months and two years, depending on the model ordered. SOLD OUT

Classic Cars -celebrating the legends


By Tim Slade. 160 pages. Hardback 

An informative text that chronicles the revolutionary design and technology that has shaped the world of automobiles, from the earliest days of Austin Seven, Ford, and Bugatti to the classic marques of Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet, and Lamborghini. The nicely presented book includes stunning photography, along with detailed statistics and behind-the-scenes stories. Any fan of classic motoring will discover what makes a classic car stand out from the rest, including high speed, revolutionary design, limited availability, and more. SOLD OUT

A Century of Grand Prix Motor Racing

By Anthony Pritchard. Hardback, 272 pages, 250 illustrations

The author’s flowing text is interspersed with a compilation of contemporary writing to trace the history of Grand Prix racing from the heroic days of the pioneering era through to the technical sophistication of the last days of the 20th century. Contents: 1895-1914; The Roaring Twenties 1919-30; Alfa Romeo and the Silver Arrows 1931-40; The supremacy of the supercharger 1946-51; The substitute formula 1952-3; British racing revival 1954-60; At the expense of speed 1961-5; Return to power 1966-80; The turbocharged era 1981-88; The 3.5 and 3-litre era 1989-98.  SOLD OUT

Austin Healey


By Graham Robson.  64 pages

Born in 1952, the Austin-Healey 100 soon took the UK and US markets by storm. A beautiful, brutish car, it was what many sporting motorists had been waiting for, and at a relatively affordable price. Following the 100 was the 3000 – a car as successful on the rally stage as it was loved on the open road, and the Sprite – which recreated the market for the cheap 'everyman's' sports car. Graham Robson, an authority on the British motor industry, presents a concise history of Austin-Healey, and the marque's success on road and track. Illustrated throughout, it is an ideal introduction for all lovers of this quintessentially British sports car. SOLD OUT

The Cars we Loved in the 1960s


By Giles Chapman. 160 pages

If you owned a car in 1960s Britain, you’ll love this blast back in time to when driving was still fun, highway speed limits were unheard-of (well, until 1965 anyway), and buying a new car was a thrilling family event. It was a golden period for iconic classic cars – the Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-type, AC Cobra and MGB – but also a time when British manufacturers really got their act together with stylish family models. Who can forget great little runabouts with evocative names like Anglia, Herald, Imp, Viva, Cortina and Hunter? Meanwhile, Rovers, Triumphs and Jags were delighting executives as they cruised along near-empty motorways. It was too good to last, of course, with regulations looming and fancy foreign cars creeping on to Britain’s driveways by the end of the decade. In this richly illustrated book, Giles Chapman recalls all the key cars of the era that you probably owned – or at least coveted – and brings the swinging ’60s back to life. SOLD OUT

The Cars we Loved in the 1970s


By Giles Chapman. 160 pages

The 1970s saw some ground-breaking new metal in British showrooms: the Renault 5 established the new `supermini' class, the Volkswagen Golf gave the average family car a hatchback and top quality, the Ford Capri made sporty cars available to everyone and, despite all of this, that old favourite the Ford Cortina continued to rule the sales charts. The book is packed with historical photographs and is highly informative and entertaining. SOLD OUT

British Grand Prix Heroes

By Tim Hill. 96 pages. Hardback 

Eight British drivers have won the Formula One championship since its inception in 1950, a record unmatched by any other nation. British Grand Prix heroes Van tells their remarkable stories and profiles of all the great British drivers of the post-war era. Gloriously illustrated with photographs from the world's best motor sports archive, they are stories of skill dedication and courage, where the margin between triumph and tragedy is wafer thin and that their ears but a single unity of purpose: to claim the greatest prize in motor sport.   SOLD OUT

Classic Motor Cars


By Jonathan Wood. 32 pages

This book is about British cars of the post Second World War era, when Jaguars regularly won the Le Mans twenty-four hour race and Mini Coopers dominated the Monte Carlo Rally. It was the heyday of the British sports car, when MGs, Triumph TRs and Jaguars were exported all over the world and brought the delights of open-air motoring to a new affluent generations. Top-selling saloons of the time such as Morris Minor, Rover and Ford Cortina, are all reminders that Britain was also producing some of the world's finest automobile engineers. It was a period of change, when new makes such as Austin Healey, Bristol and Lotus arrived and Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley and Riley departed. This Album describes the makes, models and designers and charts the switchback fortunes of the British motor industry over thirty crucial years from 1945 until 1975, when the British Leyland combine was nationalised. SOLD OUT

Ferrari: All the Cars


By Leonardo Acerbi. 404 pages

For any Ferrari enthusiast, this chunky, paperback is a must-have purchase as it profiles every car, model-by-model, from the Ferrari 'preview' of 1940 to the cars up to the mid 2000s. It is a catalogue, which features a specially commissioned colour drawing for each road and racing car, together with archive photography, informative text and specification. Where a single-seater, sports racing model or prototype competed for more than one season or, in the case of a GT, remained in production for several years, each entry contains the principal modifications. A huge amount of detail at a very good price.  SOLD OUT

Grand Prix Driver by Driver

By Liam McCann. 128 pages

Grand Prix driver by driver is a comprehensive collection of profiles of the best drivers to have raced in Grand Prix and Formula One. From the legendary pre-war aces like Nuvolari, Caracciola and Varzi to the stars of modern Grand Prix racing like Moss, Fangio, Clark, Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton and Vettel, this book examines the careers of some of best drivers in the history of motorsport. Re-live the sport s golden age in the 1920s, wonder at the skill and courage of drivers like Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham and Graham Hill in its most dangerous era, and celebrate the magnificent achievements of Mansell, Piquet and Prost in the most competitive championships of the 1980s and 90s. Packed with superb illustrations and statistical information, each profile looks at the drivers successes, failures and iconic moments. This book is a fantastic reference point for all fans of Formula One. SOLD OUT

Land Rover 90 - 110 - Defender Gold Portfolio


Compiled by R M Clark. 172 pages 

By the end of the 1970s lack of investment meant that the marque was now outdated. The introduction of the 110 in 1983 with improved suspension and more luxury was long overdue. The short-wheelbase 90 came just over a year later. These new models were aimed at the higher end of the market. Sales were steady due to longevity and reliability, the Defender replacing the 90 and 110 models in 1990. The Defender had the option of the 200Tdi diesel engine and had power-assisted steering. This is a book of contemporary road tests, technical data and specifications, with off-road reports, background information and driving impressions. Models covered include: County Station Wagon, V8, Diesel, County TD, Anphi-Rover, Automatic, Defender 90, 110, 110 Hiline SW, Turbo D 110, Defender 130 Tipper, Tdi, Defender County, Military. SOLD OUT


Modern Sports Cars

  By Roger Bell. 192 pages. Hardback

This beautifully illustrated Haynes volume delivers an informative and interesting appraisal of today's modern sports cars. Author Roger Bell describes all the production open-top sports cars which were around at the end of the 20th Century from manufacturers around the world, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mazda, Porsche, Lotus, Toyota, and many others. It includes detailed specification, as well as performance tables which give a full comparison of models. Nearly all of the cars featured have been driven and tested by the author.  SOLD OUT

Porsche 911 Source book


By Jorg Austin and Sigmund Walter. 296 pages. Hardback 

An incredibly comprehensive fact-filled book by two renowned experts.

Launched way back in 1964 and still in production today, the Porsche 911 has become an automotive wonder of the world. Down the years it has continually evolved, to the point where today's versions share little more than a name, a shape and an engine configuration with their earliest forebears. The many thousands of changes in specification through the years are all recorded and explained in this book, which has been compiled with extraordinary diligence from technical documentation in Porsche's archives. SOLD OUT

Porsche Boxster story


By Paul Frere. 224 pages. Hardback

The Boxster, launched in 1996, has been a huge success for Porsche.With sales having improved steadily to reach today's level of 30,000 a year, it's now level-pegging with the legendary 911. There is no-one better to write about the Boxster than Paul Frere, himself something of a Porsche legend, as the author of Porsche 911 Story, now in its seventh edition. He tells the full story of this flagship two-seater, which, despite considerable performance, is remarkably practical for everyday road use. The book is beautifully presented with many colour photographs, charts, facts and figures. SOLD OUT

The Little Book of Ferrari


By Brian Laban. 128 pages, Hardback

Written by leading motoring journalist, Brian Laban, The Little Book of Ferrari tells the story of one of the world’s most iconic cars. The story looks at the birth of Ferrari, with an insight into the man behind the legend: Enzo Ferrari. With a detailed look at the growth of Ferrari as a force in motorsport, we bring the story right up to date. A must for Motoring and Ferrari fans and a fascinating read. SOLD OUT

The Ultimate History of Porsche


By Stuart Gallagher with Helen Smith. 192 pages. Hardback

Fully illustrated and highly detailed, The Ultimate History of Porsche tells all about this famous sporting marque. The German company's often turbulent history has produced many of the world's most desirable cars and numerous sporting success. Here, both are amply celebrated in lavish detail and colour to bring you the ultimate in sports car history. SOLD OUT

Sir William Lyons The official biography

    By Phillip Porter and Paul Skilliter. 336 pages

Much has been written about Jaguar, but this is the first full biography of its founder Sir William Lyons. This inspiring book, written by two eminent Jaguar authors, describes Lyons' early influences, his tentative steps into the motor trade and how, while in his 30s, he established a substantial motor manufacturing business and launched the Jaguar marque - and then masterminded decades of glory. This is the fascinating story of a man whose life was inseparable from his cars. SOLD OUT

The Affordable Porsche -the complete guide to buying and running a low-cost Porsche


By Iain Ayre. 160 pages. Hardback

Any drivers dream of owning a Porsche, particularly an example of the legendary 911, but to many this ambition appears to be beyond reach. This comprehensive guide, written in straightforward, down-to-earth style, aims to inspire would-be Porsche owners to turn their dreams into reality, by identifying and providing inside information on the models that can be bought for up to GBP10,000. Advice is provided on buying, repairing and running the cars cost-effectively, including suggestions on where (and where not) to source parts. Essential reading for anyone looking to buy and run a Porsche on a budget. SOLD OUT 


The British Motor Industry

By Jonathan Wood. 64 Pages

An excellent, great value, finely illustrated history of the British Motor industry.

Austin, Hillman, Morris, Standard and Wolseley were a handful of the myriad marques that once constituted Britain’s indigenous motor industry. Born in 1896 into the high summer of Victorian prosperity, the native British industry survived until the collapse of The Rover Group in 2005. Jonathan Wood chronicles its long-life from its production of hand-made bespoke automobiles for the fortunate few to the arrival of mass production to provide cars for the many. He looks at the factories and the people who worked in them, and examines the role played by the component manufacturers that serviced the industry. Wood offers explanations as to why motor manufacturing followed the British motorcycle, bicycle and cotton industries into oblivion. SOLD OUT

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Classic Cars


By Martin Buckley and Chris Rees. 512 pages

Martin Buckley and Chris Rees are highly regarded motoring author and he has imparted a considerable amount of information into this thoroughly researched reference book. The book is a sumptuous guide to the most important classic, modern and dream cars of the 20th century, with insightful descriptions. It includes approximately 1800 photographs, as well as a huge amount of valuable specifications of virtually all the major car models from the second half of the 20th Century. An invaluable reference source. SOLD OUT

The Greatest Moments of Grand Prix History

By Jon Stroud and Liam McCann. 110 pages. Hardback

The Little Book of the Greatest Moments of Grand Prix written by motorsport writer and journalist Jon Stroud, is a collection of articles featuring some of the most iconic moments in motor racing history. Illustrated with fantastic photographs, the author looks back at historic moments including Stirling Moss's titanic 1961 battle with the Ferraris at Monaco through to the 2007 phenomenon that is Lewis Hamilton; the youngest ever driver to lead the World Drivers' Championship. From Silverstone to Suzuka, Melbourne to Monza, this book will bring back memories of some of the most exciting Grands Prix that have taken place over the last 50 years. SOLD OUT

The Little Book of Citroen 2CV


By Ellie Charleston. 160 pages. Hardback

The Little Book of Citroen 2CV, not only contains many unique clour photographs, it alos looks at the history of this unusual vehicle from its pre-war conception through to the last car to roll off the production line in 1990. It explains how the 2CV was intended to be a lightweight cheap car for farmers and the common man and how the designers developed this umbrella on wheels. It also takes a nostalgic look at its many derivatives, including a four wheel drive version and kit cars built on the 2CV chassis. Though the car is often the butt of jokes and given derogatory names such as "dustbin on wheels" - it was manufactured for over 40 years and nearly 4 million were produced. To top everything it beat flashier cars such as Aston Martin and Lotus Esprit to come top of a poll in James Bond car chases. Not bad for a modest little car! The 2CV has become something of a cult car with its unique and quirky design and this book provides a brief but fascinating look at this enduring motoring icon. SOLD OUT

The Little Book of Porsche

By Phillip Raby. 128 Pages. Hardback

The Little Book of Porsche, written by Philip Raby, motoring journalist, tells the story of one of the world’s most exciting cars, from the days of Ferdinand Porsche right up to the present day. We take a look at the chronological story of the car, with fascinating detail about its conception and birth. There are many great photographs of all the different Porsche models and also lost of useful facts and figures. SOLD OUT

100 Years of Motoring -20th Century in Pictures

By Tim Knowles. 300 Pages

A fascinating coffee table motoring history reference book which features approximately 300 high-quality press photographs from the past 100+ years to chronicle motoring life in Britain as more cars arrived on the road.

It features everything from strange cars to motor racing, city streets, famous drivers, classic motoring scenes, motor shows and much more, along with detailed captions of each. A great book to have around and dip into.  SOLD OUT