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MGs Across America (DVD)

100 minutes      front cover
MGs across America is a unique celebration of the extraordinary love affair Americans have had for MG cars since the end of World War 2. During the golden years of sales, more MG sports cars were sold in the US than the rest of the world put together and this fascinating history is superbly told in this wonderful production.
Part 1 focuses on MG History and MG Racing. It includes a large amount of very rare archive footage, including the first ever Grand Prixs from Watkins Glen in 1948 & 1949, both of which predominatly featured MG TCs. There is also newsreel footage of the MG Land Speed Record attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah from the the 1950s. There are also some exclusive interviews with some of the early MG racing drivers. The DVD then follows the marque's racing success throughout the 60s and 70s, featuring MGBs and Midgets.
Part 2 focuses on the passion that Americans have had for MGs since the end of WW2. Apart from the many cars that are kept in original condition, there are many highly modified MGs, including an 'electric MGB' and a 'stretched' MGB, which has to be seen to be believed!. Other highlights include a tour around the private MG Museum of the late Gerry Gougen, which includes some of the rarest MGs in the world. If your into collecting models, then you have to see the collection of Michael Sarvas, who has his 2000+ models overflowing in his basement. There's also footage from the biggest ever gathering of MGs in America during the 20th Century, INDY 96, which has hundreds of cars driving around the famous MG racetrack. There's also a rare glimpse of the MGF on an American Highway, shot while the car underwent evaluation in the US, plus much, much more. "One of the best DVDs I have seen in a very long time.  I can assure you that you will not be dissapointed with the content or the quality of production."  Cambridge and District MG Owners Club

MG -the full and in-depth story

75 minutes    front cover

This is the right up-to-date DVD release of one of the best known British sports car marques -as seen on Discovery Channel and acclaimed by critics as 'the most informative film yet made on this famous marque'.

It tells the whole MG story, from a close-up look at 'old Number One' - the first sports car to roll out of Morris Garages in Oxford - to the 2009 version of the TF, now being built at the Longbridge plant.

All significant models in the more than 85 years of MG production are featured, and there's a special segment celebrating the 75th anniversary in 2008 of the famous supercharged K-series racers and record-breakers.

If you love MG - and who doesn't - then you'll love this.