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Mini (DVD)

117 minutes     front cover 
Ever since it was introduced to the motoring public in 1959 the Mini has captured the imagination and hearts of millions of small car lovers worldwide. Many different versions have been launched over the years yet the basic design has changed very little from the original concept created by Sir Alec Issigonis. It has become a motoring icon, a fashion icon and a winner on the racetracks of the world. So what is it exactly that has endeared this little car to so many for so long?
Now you can fully explore the unique appeal and genuine fun that the Mini inspires. From design, development and build of the very first Mini to the car's motorsport heritage and the milestone festivals and parties, plus the last old-style Mini rolling off the production line at Longbridge and the launch of the new Mini.

Mini at 50 anniversary of an icon (DVD)

70 minutes    front cover
This tribute DVD investigates the full history of the Mini, presented by Touring car star Tim Harvey. It includes wonderful archive film, new footage shot especially for this celebration, famous Minis (including the cars from "The Italian Job"), Minis on the racetrack and more.

As everyone knows, the Mini started life as an affordable small car, but quickly became a must-have style icon for the most fashionable people. Today, the little car enjoys cult status thanks to its famous owners and movie appearances, and the latest models are still best-sellers.

This film is a real celebration of the Mini at 50, packed with highlights from the amazing anniversary celebrations held at Silverstone circuit in 2009, which featured some star names and some real star cars!

Minis Across America (DVD)

70 minutes       front cover
A revealing production filmed across the USA (and Hawaii) telling the story of the Mini in the land of the gas guzzler. It includes rarely seen archive films of the Mini in the US; cinema newsreels of the US launch of the original Mini and Mini Cooper; an interview with the late John Cooper on his own US Mini recollections; exclusive US Mini shows in Florida, Ohio and California; very rare Minis, including a Mini "juggernaut" and a tow-truck Mini; Minis racing in the US; early US Mini marketing; amazing owners and much more. "Essential Mini education" Mini World

The History of Mini (DVD)

25 minutes      front cover
One of the most popular British Marques of all time, the venerable Mini, first appeared in 1959. But like many British car companies, it was bogged down in a larger company that was imploding. Just before it went under, BMW came to the rescue. After pouring in millions of Deutschmarks to revive the Mini, the revived car landed on the world stage with a bang. It became a movie star and a cult favourite. This is a car that refused to die.

The Best of the original Mini (DVD)

90 minutes      front cover
Compilation of high-quality films from the official Mini archives
The Incredible Seven (1959) Austin - 28 minutes

Wizardry on Wheels (1959) Morris - 28 minutes
A unique opportunity to compare the two films made to re-launch the Mini after its initial teething problems had been ironed out. They are a monument to what became known as ‘badge engineering’ and a symptom of the later troubles that engulfed BMC. The two versions of Mini - the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor - were marketed through separate sales departments. This meant the poor film crew was required to allow both Austin and Morris to take its turn in the leading role. Action shots had to be duplicated, factory sequences had to be repeated at both Longbridge and Cowley, the end result was a production which took twice as long to make at twice the price. See if you can spot the differences!

Mini Through The Ages (1969) - 8 minutes
A wonderfully zany film made for the press launch of the Clubman version of the Mini. We are reminded of the role of the Mini down the centuries: Moke with prehistoric man; Mini Cooper in Caesar’s Rome, chivalry in Medieval England, not forgetting the Battle of Britain and, of course, the Swinging Sixties. They do not make them like this any more!

The Best Mini Yet (1976) - 12 minutes
The Clubman provides another wonderful period piece from the British Leyland era though in complete contrast to ‘Mini Through The Ages’. Raymond Baxter fronts a film made for the dealer network rather than the press, which takes us through the many features and benefits of the new model, comparing it with market rivals.

Moke (c1971) - 8 minutes
A rare and fascinating film from Leyland Australia with a French commentary which extols the virtues, versatility and potential of the ‘Australian’ version of the Mini Moke. The Moke is shown is at work and play, with the military, the fire brigade, and even on rails.

Mini Cooper -the story of the classic Mini Cooper 1961-2000 (DVD)


87 minutes      front cover

When Alec Issigonis put pencil to paper to design the Mini, little did he realise that he was about to revolutionise the entire motor industry. Since its launch in 1959 his concept of transverse engine with integral gearbox driving to the front wheels has become the industry standard, thoroughly proven on family cars and – in the guise of the Mini-Cooper - in all sectors of motor sport.

Mini-Cooper’ is an extended verson of the popular ‘Mini-Cooper video’ specially remastered for DVD. Celebrating the ‘Car of the Century’, it explores the Cooper’s origins and pedigree through the eyes of the man who gave the car its name, John Cooper; the engineer who described himself as ‘the perspiration behind the inspiration’, Jack Daniels; the driving legend who took the first Monte Carlo victory, Paddy Hopkirk; and the two men who turned the BMC Competitions Departmentinto a professional winning machine, Marcus Chambers and Stuart Turner. Works film of secret testing sessions, which for many years was classified, reveals the secrets which earned the Mini-Cooper its giant-killing reputation, and shows experts such as Hopkirk and John Love putting the Cooper through its paces. Add in the largest collection of original BMC archive footage ever assembled on the subject and you have this remarkable DVD.
[Duration 65 minutes 50 seconds]

SPECIAL FEATURE –Six Hours at Sandown (1965)
The BMC Works team of Paddy Hopkirk, Timo Makinen, Rauno Aaltonen and John Fitzpatrick take the Mini-Cooper to Australia for the Six Hour Saloon Car Race at Sandown Park, Melbourne to compete with Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, Peugeots, the Ford Galaxy, a Morris 1100 and the Lotus Cortina whose drivers include the illustrious Jackie Stewart.
[Duration 26 minutes 50 seconds]

Mini 50 -classic films from the official archives (DVD)

92 minutes    front cover
CLASSIC MINI FILMS FROM THE OFFICIAL ARCHIVES including period adverts and previously unreleased footage.

THE MAIN FEATURE of this extensive DVD is a specially extended version of the Central T V documentary Mini - Wizardry on Wheels (55 minutes) narrated by actor Hugh Laurie which was produced for the 40th anniversary in 1999. The amazing story of the Mini is brought to life through spectacular film footage from the official company archives. Enjoy period promotional offerings, TV and cinema advertisements and original launch films. Meet the Mini’s famous creator, Alec Issigonis. Gain insight into his development as a designer from rare footage of wartime projects such as the intriguing ‘mini tank’. Find out what his contemporaries thought of him and his designs - Jack Daniels his trusty chief engineer; John Cooper the friend responsible for the famous Mini Cooper; and Sir Graham Day former Rover Group Chairman.

BONUS MATERIAL includes two of the significant birthday parties which have been held for Mini over the decades. Mini Twenty was the first ‘official’ celebration, held at the Donington racing circuit and hosted by Noel Edmonds in 1979. To date this still rates as the biggest ever gathering of Minis in all shapes and sizes, from customised to concours. Mini Twenty Five in 1984 marked the introduction of the Mini 25 limited edition and provided an excuse to motor through Mini history once again.

You can also marvel at the versatility of the Mini Moke as it goes through its paces in Portugal during the 1970s. Be thrilled by the Mini Challenge as professional racing drivers take the little car to its limit in the British Leyland sponsored competition held at Silverstone during 1977. Laugh at the quirky advertising campaigns of the Sixties and Seventies. And meet the Mini in some unexpected places - Mini Yacht, Mini Restaurant, Mini Raft, Mini Balloon - through a series of delightful BL promotional films from the Eighties.