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Ferrari -Racing through time (the fascinating history of the most famous car in motor racing)

60 minutes   front cover

Ferrari is probably the most famous name in racing, but as a marque it only appeared in the 1940s, as Enzo Ferrari, its creator, enjoyed a successful career in motor racing long before he set up his own company.

Enzo ferrari’s history goes back to his association with Alfa Romeo, when he ran their racing team in the 1930s. post-war, the ambitious Enzo wanted to create his own racing cars and he found a way to finance this by creating and manufacturing expensive sports cars. Eventually, the huge success in both areas led to the growth of the company that has now been an integral part of motor racing for well over 50 years. boasting more formula one race victories and more formula one world champions than any other racing team. to this day, now with a huge global following, ferrari remains the crowd favourite, and most importantly, the team to beat.

This revealing DVD looks at the famous moments from Ferrari’s illustrious racing history, from Enzo Ferrari’s early career and the origins of team ferrari, all the way to their recent successes with Michael Schumacher at the helm.