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The Story of BMW (DVD)

63 minutes    front cover
The Story of BMW follows the fascinating history of this great German brand, from its early years as a small, struggling car maker launched during the Depression to the desirable marque it is today.
It traces over 30 of the most popular models from 1962 onwards, using design styles, performance analysis and sales figures to build a comprehensive portrait of each car.
Travel back through time with footage of 502s racing at Nurburgring and catch a glimpse of the future in the high-performance Z series sportcars.
There are plenty of other dream cars in this entertaining documentary including the M3 which is shaping up to be the next chapter in the legend on track, in the showroom and on the road.

The History of BMW (DVD)

25 minutes      front cover
BMW started out as a builder of aircraft engines, then motorcycles and finally cars. Its aircraft engines set speed records in the ‘30’s and its sports cars were stylish, elegant and fast. Today, it’s clear that this company has carved out a place among the builders of unique and fast vehicles that many say deserve to be called, “The Ultimate Driving Machines.”