British Leyland DVDs


The Best of British Leyland (DVD)

87 minutes     front cover
A comiliation of high-quality films from the British Leyland film archives
Maxi Marathon (1968) - 11 minutes
This film introduced the world to the wonderful Austin Maxi (ADO 14). We are shown the exhaustive three-year testing schedule to which the prototypes were subjected, from the Arctic Circle in winter to Southern Portugal in summer.

Marina (1971) - 14 minutes
The gripping story of the three-year race to produce the marvellous Morris Marina (ADO 28). Boardroom reconstructions allow Chairman, Lord Stokes to guide us through its conception, design and technical development culminating in an exhaustive testing programme. After glimpsing the extensive upgrade factory facilities we are finally treated to the filming of the all-important advertising campaign for the car which epitomised 'beauty with brains behind it'.
Allegro - A New Driving Force From Austin (1973) - 14 minutes
An in-depth look at the attributes of the amazing Allegro (ADO 67). The British Leyland team that worked on the car tell us enthusiastically about its virtues - the ‘Hydragas’ suspension, the styling, and of course, the famous square ‘Quartic’ steering wheel. Who could resist?

Princess - The Car That Has Got It All Together (1975) - 21 minutes
A Seventies Film for a Seventies Car - meet the Princess (ADO 71), codenamed Diablo. We are introduced in graphic detail to each car in the range - the Wolseley, head of the family, and its less well-endowed cousins, three Austins and three Morrises.

Metro - A British Car to Beat the World (1980) - 27 minutes
The momentous Metro - a make or break vehicle for British Leyland. No expense was spared on this exhaustive documentary covering every aspect of Metro’s design from ADO 88 to LC8. Encompassing development, testing and the remodelling of factory facilities to accommodate modern production methods such as robots, we gain a fascinating insight into Longbridge of the period and British Leyland thinking.

Metro 6R4 (DVD)

60 minutes         front cover

In 1985, Rover mounted its biggest ever challenge on the World Rally Championships with the debut of the Metro 6R4 at the Lombard RAC Rally.

Following a multi-million pound development programme, the Patrick Head-designed 410 BHP rear-engined V6, capable of 0 - 100 in 4 seconds, carried Rover’s hopes of real success.

With top drivers such as Tony Pond, David Llewellyn and Colin McRae at the wheel, the raucous roar of the 4WD 6R4 became a familiar sound at some of the most gruelling of rallies. At the end of 1986, after only two seasons, these supercars were banned from international rallying but continued to show their mettle in rallycross.

This fast and furious circuit racing, where gravel meets tarmac, finds Metros hurtling neck and neck around the track. Bent, bruised and battered the 6R4’s battle it out to the end in the British National Championship, with some brilliant on-board footage and spectacular crash action.

Today the Metro 6R4 shows no signs of fading away and is once more competing on the national rally scene with as much power and audacity as ever. This is the story of this brutal rally machine.