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Excellent selection of classic Ford products for only £29.99

  • Tribute poster featuring many of Ford's greatest cars
  • Early history of Ford in Britain DVD
  • Classic Ford adverts DVD  
  • Classic framed Black and White picture
  • Official poster of early Ford cars

Ford Tribute poster

Features a great range of classic Ford cars. Measures 42cm x 30cm


The Early Years of Ford Britain DVD

An excellent collection of rarely seen films showing the evolution of Ford in Britain from the early 1900s to the start of WW2. Includes wonderful footage of the building of Ford's huge Dagenham factory in the 1930s and the early cars that were built there. Also contains entertaining pre-war musical marketing films.



Classic Ford Adverts DVD

Official Ford marketing films from the post-war era. From black and white information films to stylish colour adverts, this film charts some of the best-known Ford models and the bold attempts to sell them. Included is everything from the infamous Edsel to the iconic XR3i, as well as Capri, Escort, Mustang, Prefect, Anglia, Zodiac, Zephyr and Consul, amongst others. Sir Jackie Stewart and touring car legend Andy Rouse also appear in what is essential viewing for every Ford aficionado.

                 Classic framed B&W picture

Evocative picture of a classic Model T Ford car in a smart black frame.

Measures 18cm x 13cm

                 Official early Ford poster

Classic poster from the official Ford archives featuring all the leading models up to 1950. Approximate size 42cm x 30cm