Our privacy notice.

Our privacy policy has been created to be as short, simple and as straight forward as possible to help you understand the way and why we hold any personal information about yourselves.

The processing of any personal data:

We take your privacy very seriously and only hold any information for legitimate interest purposes, for ourselves, and also for the benefit of our customers and suppliers, to help us offer the best possible service.

Below you will find a broad description of the way we processes any personal information. You may also wish to refer to any personal communications you may have received from us and check any other privacy notices we have provided or contact ourselves to ask about your personal circumstances.

1). Reasons/purposes for processing information:

We process personal information in order to provide goods to yourselves; promote and advertise our goods; maintain our accounts and records and to support and manage our employees.

2). The type of information we process.

The information we process may include: personal details, such as name and address, financial details and details of goods you have ordered from us or enquired about.

3). We process personal information about:

Our customers and clients, complainants, enquirers, suppliers and employees.

4). How we collect information:

The information we hold about yourself will either have been supplied by yourself, (a), because you have placed an order with us, or (b) someone else has placed an order with us and asked that the goods be sent directly to yourself, at the address they have provided, or (c) because you have asked to be added and kept on any mailing list that we have held in the past, or (d) that you have supplied us with any updated details since we initially had contact with yourself.




6). How long do we hold on to any information.

We will maintain any information we hold onto you for as long as we believe it is relevant to ourselves and/or yourselves, unless we are specifically asked to remove it.

7). Security of information

We aim to look after your personal data as securely as possible, whether it be held as paper files, which will be stored securely by lock and key, or be held electronically, on protected computer programmes.

8). Who the information may be shared with:

We may sometimes need to share the personal information we process with yourself, for example to check past orders. We will also need to share the information with specific organisations, such as our payment providers; WorldPay for VISA, Mastercard or American Express transactions: PayPal for PayPal transactions or Globecharge, a company which handles our worldwide payment administration.

We may also need to pass on personal details to any partner suppliers we work with us who produce specific products on a bespoke basis and, on occasions, supply these products directly to our customers themselves. However, we have agreements in place with these companies that where we provide them with any personal despatch details, such as a customer’s name and address, they will delete the details themselves once the goods have been received.

Your personal name and address and other contact details will also be given to our postal partners, such as Royal Mail and UPS, purely for the purposes of ensuring that the package you have ordered will be despatched to you as efficiently as possible. These companies operate externally to ourselves and details of their own privacy policies can be found by contacting them directly.

9). Law enforcement:

If required, we may also need to share information with any law enforcement agencies who contact us with a specific issue, but this will only happen after a request has been made by the appropriate legal means.




10). Amend or remove the data we hold

Should you wish to have any information we hold about you removed or amended, you can either call our main telephone number listed on the home page of the web site, or send an e-mail or letter by post to the Data Controller, at the relevant address as listed on the Contact page of the web site and we will aim to fulfil your request within 72 hours.