Classic car themed weathervanes 



Highly accurate steel sculptures for the great outdoors with outstanding level of detail

Motorgifts offers a fine selection of very high-quality steel weathervanes which are all individually hand-produced by skilled sculptors and metalworkers using the finest materials available.
Each model of car is a highly accurate representation of the actual car which is featured and is produced from 2mm of "mild steel" to ensure extensive durability. At the end of the production process, each weathervane is then electroplated with zinc to produce both a smart matte black finish, as well as reduce the chance of rust or other defects during a long life outdoors.
In advance of despatch, each weathervane is then balanced and tested to ensure it will be instantly functional once it has been installed.  
There are three sizes available (Small / Medium / Large), plus a choice of letter and arrow styles, as well as a free building attachment. Prices start at only £195. 

These are a great long-lasting functional gift which will impress all your visitors 


There are more than 40 classic car models available 

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