Classic British Motor Show posters


A superb selection of very high-quality and highly evocative A3 size panoramic black and white photo posters of British Motor Shows from throughout the 20th Century



Motor Shows featured are 1924, 1935, 1936, 1959 and 1961

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These wonderful pictures provide a highly revealing glimpse into British motoring history with many great cars featured and each photo containing an outstanding amount of detail of the featured year's show, cars and other exhibitors.

The posters will make a great addition to any enthusiast's garage, den or office wall.

Available individually or at a special price for the full set

All posters measure 42 x 30cms and are printed on 170 gsm gloss art paper

1924 British Motor Show poster


1935 British Motor Show poster


1936 British Motor Show poster


1959 British Motor Show poster


1961 British Motor Show poster


All five British Motor Show posters (Special Price)

Set of five posters