Reclaimed motoring related lighting and furniture



An eclectic range of high-quality, heavy duty motor and industrial related upcycled internal lighting and furniture for any enthusiast with who likes to furnish their home or office in a very unconventional way.

Supplied individually packed and assembled

NB. Standard screw bulbs are used and are commonly available, but are not included 

(All the products below are for sale to the UK only. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery)

Wheel lighting with glass top


Wheel lighting with glass top

Measures 94 x 58 x 58 / Weight c26Kgs


Vintage industrial table lamp with dial




Heavy duty upcycled vintage industrial table lamp with dial

Measures 82 x 19 x 63 cms / Weight c10Kgs


Bicycle wheel lamp


Bicycle wheel lighting

Measures 91 x 59 x 50 cms / Weight c10Kgs


Reclaimed industrial wall lamp


Reclaimed industrial wall lamp

Measures 52 x 29 x 24 cms / Weight c5Kgs


Upcycled car spring and clutch table lamp


Upcycled car spring & clutch table lamp

Measures 26 x 16 x 16 cms / Weight c11 Kgs

Upcycled radiator table lamp


Upcycled Radiator Table Lamp

Measures 64 x 34 x 24 cms / Weight c3.5Kgs


Reclaimed car parts robot table lamp


Reclaimed car parts robot table lamp

Measures 34 x 13 x 13 cms / Weight c10 Kgs


Tractor bookshelf with lights


Heavy duty upcycled truck lights with shelf and wooden top

Measures 100 x 40 x 82 cms / Gross weight c20Kgs

Glass topped industrial table


Heavy duty glass topped coffee table with many visible industrial parts and dials

Measures 120 x 120 x 80 cms

VW 2-door cabinet with shelves and lighting


 Heavy duty VW Camper lighting and cabinet

Measures 103 x 55 x 109 cms  / Weight c29Kgs