Double ephemera pack




Two great motoring history reproduction products combined together

1). An assorted fascinating pack of various British motoring history items from the golden age of British motoring. Includes a collection of colourful pamphlets, postcards and many other great items evoking memories in the older generation or for bringing motoring history to life for a new audience. It truly recreates the golden age of British motoring during the 20th Century, with quality paper and card reproductions.

Amongst the reproduction items included is part of a 1930s The Motor magazine, the Road User’s Guide, ‘Have a Care’ booklet, Morris Traveller and Vauxhall Viva sales brochures, other classic advertising, trade cards and much more. All items are supplied inside a smart clear plastic envelope


2). An A4 size heavy-duty 20 page full-colour book featuring an excellent selection of highly dramatic and hugely important war posters showing how governments in Britain and elsewhere urged motorists at the time to drive less often, share their cars with others and follow all the standard road safety procedures to try and get the war ended as soon as possible 



Double ephemera pack