Daimler collector cards


A fine selection of quality collector cards featuring all the main Daimler models. The set is professionally mounted and framed with an acryllic glass window at both the front and back so that the cards can be seen on both sides, as all the cards contain detailed information on the reverse. The frame is despatched in a special purpose designed box to minimize any possible damage in transit.  



Set of 7 cards. Frame measures approximately 10" x 12"

The oldest British manufacturer, founded in 1893, early Daimlers were imported from Germany, and during the Edwardian era the cars became luxury carriages. In 1910 the firm was acquired by BSA, and after the Great War the Daimler was adopted as the car for the Royal Family. Taken over by Jaguar Cars in 1960, the last real Daimlers were the SP250 sports car and Majestic series which remained in production until 1968. Since then all Daimlers have been badge engineered versions of their Jaguar counterparts, with Jaguar marketing the Daimler nameplate as an upmarket version of their luxury cars.

Daimler SP250
Daimler Majestic Major
Daimler 2.5-litre 8-250
Daimler Sovereign (420)
Daimler Sovereign XJ SI
Daimler Double Six