Mini collector cards                                                                            


A fine selection of quality collector cards featuring all the main Mini models. The sets are professionally mounted and framed with an acryllic glass window at both the front and back so that the cards can be seen on both sides, as all the cards contain detailed information on the reverse. The frames are despatched in a special purpose designed box to minimize any possible damage in transit. 

The Mini Legend

pmini legend

 Set of 10 cards. Frame measures approximately 16" x 12"

The classic Mini in classic settings, depicted on 10 Collectors Cards


Mini at Monte Carlo 1965
Riley Elf
Mini Cooper Car Co
Mini Cooper 1071S
Minivan (RAC)
Mini Ice Cream Van
Mini Moke
Leyland Mini 1000
Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i


The world famous Mini Cooper

pmini cooper


Set of 7 cards. Frame measures approximately 10" x 12"

The Legendary Mini Cooper. The top card back contains a personal  endorsement from the late John Cooper, creator of the Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper MkI 997cc
Mini Cooper MkII 'S' 998cc
Mini Cooper MkIII 1098cc
Mini Cooper S (Works)
Cooper Car Co Mini
Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i


Racing and Rallying Mini Coopers of the 1960s


Set of 10 cards. Frame measures approximately 16" x 12"

Illustrated in this series of Collectors Cards are some of the most famous sporting Minis of the 'Sixties, such as rally classics '8 EMO' and '33 EJB', together with the all-conquering saloon car racers from the likes of the Cooper Car Company, Britax and British Vita teams

Equipe Arden Mini Cooper
British Vita Mini Cooper
Britax-Cooper Mini Cooper
Cooper Car Company Mini Cooper
BMC Works Mini Cooper '33 EJB'
BMC Works Mini Cooper '8 EMO'

Mini Special Editions

pmini special editions

Set of 10 cards. Frame measures approximately 16" x 12"

Mini Collectors cards detailing 'special editions' in the Mini family. Top card depicts Mini Monte Carlo

Mini Cooper 35
Mini 1100 Special
Mini Twenty Five
Mini Cabriolet
Mini Checkmate
Mini The Italian Job
Mini Red Hot
Mini Sprite
Mini Thirty
Mini Monte Carlo


35 Years of the Mini

pmini -first 35 years


Set of 10 cards. Frame measures approximately 16" x 12"

Commemorates 35 years of the Mini and shows major models and changes in styling during the first 35 years

Morris Mini Minor
Mini Cooper MkI
Mini Countryman
Mini Cooper S MkII
Works Cooper S
Mini 1275 GT
Police Mini Cooper S
Minivan and Mini City E