Volvo collector cards                                                                      


A fine selection of quality collector cards featuring all the main Volvo models. The sets are professionally mounted and framed with an acryllic glass window at both the front and back so that the cards can be seen on both sides, as all the cards contain detailed information on the reverse. The frames are despatched in a special purpose designed box to minimize any possible damage in transit. 

Classic Volvo


Set of 7 cards. Frame measures approximately 10" x 12"

Established in 1927, the Volvo name did not become familiar in overseas markets until the late 1950s with the arrival of the PV544 and Amazon (or 120) series of Jan Wilsgaard-styled saloons and estate cars. These models built an enviable reputation for good roadholding and fine build quality. They were joined in 1961 by the stylish P1800 sports coupe which lasted in ES form until 1973.


Volvo PV544
Volvo 122S (B18)
Volvo 221/222
Volvo P1800
Volvo 123GT
Volvo 1800ES
Volvo 122S (B16)