Triumph weathervanes 



Get your own attractive Triumph themed weathervane for your house, garden or shed

These stylish weathervanes, artistically moulded to the design of the classic Triumph TR6 or TR7 are fully tested to ensure that the majority of the weight is at the front (the arrow) and the majority of the surface area is at the back (the design). When this bar is balanced correctly, the weathervane will spin so that the arrow points into the wind.

There are three sizes available:

Small: Measures approximately 46 cm across the cardinal points (north - south or east - west), and will suit a shed, garage or summer house. £170 

Medium: (Most popular) Measures approximately 61 cm across the cardinal points and is designed for a larger building, such as a standard size house or larger garage or shed. £250

Large: Measures approximately 76 cms across the cardinal points and is made to be highly prominent on a larger size building. £325 

The design is cut from 2mm mild steel and is electroplated to produce a solid black matte finish. All fixtures and assembly instructions are supplied. A great lasting functional gift which will impress every visitor.

NB. As all the weathervanes are individually produced to order on a bespoke basis, please allow a delivery time of up to 28 days after the confirmation of your order.

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Triumph TR6 themed weathervane


Triumph TR7/8 weathervane


OVERSEAS ORDERS: Please note that due to the size and weight of the weathervanes, overseas customers will be required to pay an additional shipping charge of between £10 - £50 on completion of their weathervane, depending on its size and the exact delivery destination. However, packages will be sent by international courier, with full tracking details, and should arrive within 3 to 5 days after being dispatched. There may also be additional import duties/taxes to pay which will have to be paid to the local delivery company.