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An excellent selection of high-quality, great value, motoring history reference books by some of the world's leading motoring historians and authors. Most titles include a comprehensive amount of facts and figures, and most are heavily illustrated with outstanding archive photographs. All books are brand new.

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A Potted History of British Concept Cars


By Nick Cleave 64 pages (A5 size)

This highly informative book takes a condensed journey through British motoring innovation from the end of the 1920s to the distant future. It includes nearly 100 of the most unusual cars ever built in Britain, from the Aston Martin Bulldog, Ford Comuta and Vauxhall SVR, to a host of truly extraordinary one-off cars such as the Austin Zanda, Minissima, Ikenga, Jaguar Pirana, Rover Art Car and a host of others which were either made for purely research purposes or to test out new design shapes, features, fuel sources or controls and are unlike anything else produced before.

Automobile Record Breakers -from rocket to road car


By David Tremayne. 128 pages. Hardback

Written by an undoubted authority on the subject, this great little book which looks back at the history of speed and distance record breaking in various forms. It also looks at going fast in cars in various ways, including unusual cars (4WD, Turbo, 6 wheel as well as F1). There is also a large section on Project Thrust which took the Land Speed Record in 1983 with Richard Noble at the wheel (the project leader of the later SSC supersonic record breaker and the current Bloodhound 1000mph project). The book is full of facts, plus many excellent revealing photos.


Cars -Fascinating facts and photographs of Britain's favourite cars


By Matt Leonard. 256 pages. Hardback

With the use of comprehensive lists and fantastic colour photographs, as well as fun facts and interesting statistics, this book charts the story of the car since 1960. You will learn how the development of modern vehicles, from sports cars to family hatchbacks and SUVs to hybrid/electric cars has influenced changes in society and how politics has dictated the type of cars we drive. You will also explore how the 21st century car has become an indispensable part of everyday life, and what the future may have in store for the humble automobile. This is a riveting read for all car enthusiasts and available at an outstanding price while stocks last.

Fast cars


128 pages

Showcasing the world's most desirable cars, including the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari LaFerrari, this is a must-have for fast car enthusiasts everywhere. It includes more than 100 illustrations of many of the world's supercars in profile and in action and is also packed with many fascinating facts, interesting statistics and technical specifications. It provides all the information you need about these show stopping vehicles.

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Flying Cars -the extraordinary history of cars designed for tomorrow's world

By Patrick Gyger. 192 Pages. Hardback

A fascinating and beautifully illustrated book about one of the most challenging episodes in the evolution of the motor car. While the book may sound like a work of science fiction, it is all true. Cars designed to be flown and aircraft designed to be driven have been created surprisingly often, particularly in the United States, where the unfettered optimism of the 1930s and 1950s allowed such fanciful ideas to flourish from time to time. This handsome book covers the subject in depth for the first time, revealing the stories of many doomed ventures, supported by a wealth of intriguing photographs together with wonderful artwork from comics, popular science magazines and science-fiction novels. SOLD OUT

New Mini


By Graham Robson. 160 pages. Hardback

Like the car itself, New Mini has proved a hot property, selling more than 7,000 copies - and Practical Classics termed the book 'excellent'. So much has happened since three years ago that a new edition has become necessary, with coverage of the very latest diesel and cabriolet models. This expanded book, packed with even more information and photographs, is expected to become a fashion accessory among the 500,000 people worldwide who have now bought BMW's trendy baby.


The Classic Motor Racing Circuits of Europe

By David Venables. 176 pages. Hardback 

Beautifully presented, revealing and fact filled guide to all of Europe's legendary motor racing circuits, including Monza, Nurburgring, Donington, Le Mans, Brooklands and many others. Contains hundreds of excellent colour and black and white photographs, circuit maps, program covers and much more. The book was written by the highly respected David Venables, a leading authority on the subject and it will enthral everyone who buys it.


The Encyclopedia of Formula 1

By Tim Hill and Gareth Thomas. 255 Pages. Hardback

The Encyclopedia of Formula 1 chronicles the history of the world championships, for the 50+ years from Giuseppe Farina's victory for Alfa Romeo at Silverstone on 13 May 1950. It has an easy to read style and contains several hundred photographs. All the best loved and respected drivers are profiled along with the most important, innovative and successful teams and marques that have made the sport the multi-million pound industry that it has become. The popularity of the sport has meant that Formula 1 has truly become global, a fact that is reflected in the number of new circuits that have been added to the Formula 1 calendar over the years. These new circuits, as well as those well-established tracks, are illustrated and the daring deeds performed on them narrated. The history of Formula 1 is a story of ingenuity and endeavour, rivalry and camaraderie, triumph and tragedy, in pursuit of the greatest prize in motor sport . OUT OF STOCK

The Little Book of Aston Martin

By Phillip Raby. 128 pages. Hardback

Aston Martin - those two simple words conjure up exciting images in any enthusiast's mind. Images of power, speed and elegance with a dash of suavity thrown in. This little book gives a potted history of Aston Martin, outlining the company's chequered background and how it has evolved to be the prestige marque it is today, recognised around the world. It also features some of the most interesting and important road-going models that Aston Martin has produced over the years complete with performance figures and statistic fact boxes.

The Little Book of Beetle

By Jon Stroud. 128 pages. Hardback

The Little Book of the Beetle tells the fascinating story of the little car that brought modern day motoring to the masses. "Think small" said the advertising campaign – what better way to celebrate the VW Beetle than with a Little Book! Truly the world’s most popular car of all time, the Volkswagen Beetle holds a special place in the heart of many a motoring enthusiast the world over. To some it’s the Käfer, to others it’s the Vocho to most it’s the plain old Bug – whatever you want to call it it’s a motoring icon without comparison. From its beginnings in the dark and sinister days of Hitler’s Germany through to its modern day reincarnation.

The Sports Cars book


By Paul Guinness  192 pages. Hardback

If you love driving, a sports car is the ideal vehicle. It has tactile handling, a strong performance, head-turning looks, and these are just some of the elements that make sports cars fun. This book provides a complete introduction to the world of sports cars, with practical advice on how to choose the most suitable model, and what to expect when running one, as well as guidance on insurance, accessories, modifying and maintenance. This is essential reading for anyone contemplating the purchase of their first sports car, as well as for existing owners who want to maximise their enjoyment of sports car ownership.


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